Bipolar disorder (manic depression) is a brain disorder, a chemical deficiency in the brain. This disorder causes shifts in a person's mood state, energy level and performance ability. Suicide is a dangerous component of the bipolar puzzle. This illness is long-term but treatable. A combination of drugs and psychotherapy is widely prescribed and will return most patients to a productive life.

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Bipolar Clinic and Research Program
Solicits volunteers for current research studies at a Massachusetts General Hospital clinic.
Bipolar Disorder
Essay by a psychiatrist on the classification and treatment of mood disorders.
Bipolar Disorder and the Creative Mind
Liz Paterek explores bipolar disorder and creativity.
Bipolar Genetics Collaboration
Offers details on genetics research being carried out at major research universities. Includes articles, video and information on studies.
Bipolar Risk
Genes, pathways and environmental risk factors in Bipolar Disorder.
Child and Adolescent Bipolar Disorder
A review of the epidemiology, comorbidity, neurobiology, and treatment of child and adolescent bipolar disorder over a ten year period. Includes developmental considerations, clinical characteristics, psychopharmacological and psychosocial treatments. Bipolar Conference Transcripts
Living with the illness, food, parenting, treatment options, coping, suicide, medications, stability, self-help, children and special education law.
In Transition: Manic Depression and the New Year
Dr. Peter Melgaard Thompson uses a New Year's party as metaphor for bipolar disorder.
The Prevalent Clinical Spectrum of Bipolar Disorders
Provides an explanation of the illness, legal and illegal medications, guidelines and treatment as well as FAQ from Usenet newsgroups (ASDM) and (SSDM).
James R. Phelps, M.D. Includes diagnosis, and treatment articles.
PubMed: Family-based association study of 76 candidate genes in bipolar disorder
Abstract details the testing of the association between 76 candidate genes and bipolar disorder, identifying brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) as a potential risk that will require additional study.
Use of Neuroleptics in Primary Care for the Management of Bipolar Disorder
by Michael Menaster, MD. Treatment goals and challenges.
Medscape: Bipolar Affective Disorder
Offers a history of the illness, pathophysiology, mortality and morbidity, statistics, episodes definitions and causes. (February 09, 2016)
Are You Bipolar?
Article discusses the over diagnosis of the illness in part due to the newly termed mild bipolar disorder. Includes author's personal perspective. by Vanessa Grigoriadis in New York Magazine (March 08, 2004)
Are Migraines and Bipolar Disorder Related
Comparison, comorbidity and treatment considerations. [Free registration required to view] (August 01, 2002)
Metroactive: Friends in High Places
An article by Kelly Luker features profiles of some persons who have been diagnosed. (April 05, 2000)
Gaps Exist in Public's Understanding of Bipolar Disorder
An article that discusses the results of a survey of public perception of the disorder. (July 01, 1999)
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