Online support for individuals who dissociate. These sites include those using a disorder-based perspective and a non-pathological ("Multiplicity is normal, just a different way of existing in the world or a different organization of one's mind, not a disorder") philosophy.

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Abuse Survivors Support Network (DID focus)
DID/MPD, PTSD, and adult survivor of abuse support page.
DID Survivors
The home of two e-mail support groups for those with DID/MPD, this site also includes poetry, artwork, and resources.
Dissociative Disorder
Support group for people diagnosed with any of the dissociative disorders (DID, dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, and other).
Dissociative Identity Disorder Community
Volunteer-moderated message boards and chat dedicated to sharing information, offering support, and coping strategies with DID. Requires registration.
Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group
A forum and chat rooms, for support in daily life challenges. Membership is by approval.
Heart's Index
This site has information about the DID and about ritual abuse and mind control.
Inscriptions of Hope
Forum for survivors of childhood abuse dealing with MPD/DID.
Mosaic Minds
Interactive support forum for those with MPD/DID and supporters. Mosaic Minds has numerous message forums, resources, information, and a links collection.
Multiplicity - The Missing Manual
A collaborative resource manual regarding DID and MPD.
Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors
Works toward recovery from dissociative disorders through training, information and support. Articles, FAQs and events. Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.
Soul's Self-Help Central
Help and healing for the soul, with additional links to support groups, mailing lists, reading material and chat rooms. Described as a safe place for multiples to meet and share.
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