Information on specialized treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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Austin Center for the Treatment of OCD
Includes information on this and related conditions, treatment suggestions, and links to online resources. Located in Austin, TX.
Dr. Steven J. Seay
Licensed South Florida psychologist practicing in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Provides specialized OCD treatment (exposure and response prevention [ERP]), including support groups. Includes articles, resources, and a blog.
King's College Centre for Anxiety Disorders OCD Program
Information on the centre's outservice, intensive, and residential treatment programs for this condition. Located in London, England.
Lori Riddle-Walker, MFT
Licensed psychotherapist in San Diego, CA specializing in treatment of OCD. Articles, resources, and an online discussion forum.
Mayo Clinic OCD Treatment Program
Information on treatment program for this condition at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
OCD Center of Los Angeles
Specialist center provides information on symptoms and treatment, as well as an OCD test, reading list, and details of local support groups.
OCD Hotline
Information on treatment of this condition by Steven Brodsky, PhD, of New York City. Offers a free, confidential consultation by phone or email.
OCD Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital
Comprehensive program includes outpatient treatment clinic, as well as residential facility for acute, treatment-refractory OCD. Affiliated with Harvard University.
OCD Online
Private clinic in New York City specializing in treatment of OCD. Includes valuable articles and information on OCD.
OCD Resource Center of South Florida
Private center for treatment of OCD and related spectrum disorders, including free bi-monthly support group. Includes FAQ and self-help guidelines for sufferers.
OCD Treatments
Information on Montana-based therapist Chris McBee, who offers in-home therapy for this condition.
Pacific Anxiety Group
A partnership of clinical psychologists specializing in comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for OCD and anxiety-related disorders. Located in Menlo Park, California.
Rogers Memorial Hospital OCD Program
Residential treatment and partial hospitalization programs for individuals with severe OCD. Two locations in Southern Wisconsin.
Stanford University OCD and Related Disorders Research Program
Treatment for individuals with OCD and related OC Spectrum Disorders, and information on research studies that provide free treatment to participants.
Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Michigan
How obsessions and compulsions develop is discussed, with a description of the major categories of OCD. Major techniques for treating OCD are focused on.
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