These institutions usually offer specialized training for physicians. They may also offer research opportunities, training for related health professionals, online courses, and regular meetings.

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Cambridge University : Pathology
Information about administration, research interests and teaching programmes.
Cornell : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Provides teaching for medical students as well as academic research, clinical pathology and consulting services. Includes program and outreach information and a hematopthology tutorial.
Dalhousie University : Pathology
Information about residency, masters' and doctoral programs and details of faculty interests.
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center : Pathology
This faculty in New Hampshire provides monthly case histories and illustrated lectures.
George Washington University : Pathology
Offers programs for medical students and degree courses in clinical laboratory science. Includes staff biographies and course information.
Johns Hopkins University : Pathology
Details are given of research projects, courses and programs. Grand Rounds, tutorials and conferences can be viewed or downloaded.
New York University : Pathology
Information about education and research activities.
Ohio State University : Pathology
Graduate and undergraduate medical education, research and clinical laboratory services, residency and Pathologist Assistant programs.
Thomas Jefferson University : Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Offers doctoral programs in pathology and teratology, as well as undergraduate courses for the medical school. Includes details of research projects and faculty profiles.
University of Alberta : Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Providing courses for students in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Rehabilitation Medicine. Details of teaching and research programs.
University of Arkansas : Pathology
Offers fellowship and residency programs and undergraduate teaching through the medical school. Course details, research information and staff profiles.
University of California, San Francisco : Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Offering residency, fellowship and programs, plus clinical and consultative services.
University of Cincinnati : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Providing undergraduate and graduate teaching and consultative services. Details of courses, research projects and staff.
University of Florence : Clinical Physiopathology
Providing teaching and research for the Faculty of Medicine. Information on current courses and scientific achievements. In Italian and English.
University of Harvard : Pathology
Offering training within the Medical School as well as research in the fields of neuropathology and cancer. Includes program details and seminar information.
University of Iowa : Pathology
Providing education, research and clinical laboratory services. Conference schedules, details of grand rounds and residency programs.
University of Leicester : Pathology
Offering undergraduate courses and research programmes. Details of current projects and staff, plus interactive museums and activities.
University of Melbourne : Pathology
Involved in the teaching of medical, dental, science, optometry and physiotherapy students. Information on courses, research laboratories and administration.
University of Michigan : Pathology
Overview of research and educational programs, including point of care testing information, conference calendar and faculty details.
University of Nebraska : Pathology and Microbiology
Information about clinical services, education, research and seminars.
University of Oxford : Pathology
History ( including the discovery of penicillin ), services provided, student information and a seminar calendar.
University of Pittsburgh : Pathology
Educational information, online courses, a case of the month, databases and resources.
University of Rochester : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Course material ( including lecture notes and images ), research information and conference details.
University of Southern California : Pathology
Offers undergraduate, residency and research programs as well as diagnostic laboratory services. Information on education, training, clinical activities and research.
University of Texas : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Information about courses and research is provided, as well as online teaching modules, webcams and photographs.
University of Vermont : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Offering education, research and training programs as well as diagnostic services. Details of courses, conferences, staff and publications.
University of Virginia : Pathology
Providing a laboratory handbook as well as details of staff, courses and research.
University of Washington : Pathology
Contains information on clinical, research, teaching and training activities and includes short profiles of faculty and their areas of work.
University of Wisconsin : Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Provides undergraduate and graduate courses as well as research and residency programs. Teaching details, staff profiles and seminar information.
Virginia Commonwealth University : Pathology
Providing clinical, research, and teaching services. Details of research programs and clinical laboratories, with information on grand rounds.
Wake Forest University : Pathology
Educational programs include graduate degrees, professional training, residencies, and fellowships. Also includes information on research projects and clinical laboratory services.
Washington University: Pathology and Immunology
Information on residency training and clinical fellowships.
Yale University : Pathology
Offering programmes for post-doctoral fellows, medical and graduate student, as well as diagnostic anatomic pathology services and research. Course details, meetings calendar and live video microscopy.
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