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FDA - LASIK Eye Surgery
Unbiased FAQ, checklists, and a glossary to help consumers learn about the procedure.
Ask Lasik Doctors
Includes a doctor directory, articles and a bulletin board for patients to ask questions and answers.
Co-management of LASIK
Explanation of problems associated with surgical co-management and fee splitting in refractive surgery.
eMedicine - Future Advances in LASIK
Dr. Christopher Yo reviews the latest research on and future goals of laser vision correction. Includes pictures and videos.
FTC Stops Allegedly Misleading Representations
Information about actions against two laser eye surgery chains for unsubstantiated advertising claims.
One practitioner's guide to evaluation and surgery, and how to select a surgeon.
Medical Management Services Group
Provides information about this procedure, with links to individual practices.
British National Health Service Won't Provide LASIK
Laser eye surgery should not be routinely given to short-sighted patients on the NHS, a watchdog has said. (December 15, 2004)
Temperature And Humidity Can Affect LASIK Surgery Results
These factors can increase the number of people who need follow-up procedures, report researchers from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. (April 22, 2004) - A Look At One Failed Surgery and How New Lasik Technology Might Fix Such Mistakes
A patient gets a LASIK surgery intended for another person. The story of a doctor's effort to undo the damage. (November 09, 2003) - Low-Cost LASIK Surgery
An investigation into Pennsylvania state regulations related to mobile surgery centers. (November 06, 2003) - The Real Deal: Lasik
News station investigates a $299 per eye offer and learns there's a lot of fine print and an apparent effort to convince people to pay more than the advertised price. (October 31, 2003)
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