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Brett Has Epilepsy
Brett writes a personal blog about his life with seizures.
Dangerously Rare: Dravet's Syndrome
Anna is a student at UNC-G majoring in Speech Pathology. Here she explores the intricacies of this condition. Analysing an article titled "Coping with Dravet syndrome: parental experiences with a catastrophic epilepsy."
Epilepsy Health
Author Sally Fletcher shares the complementary practices that have helped her remain seizure free for 18 years - without medication.
Experience Project: I have Epilepsy
Personal life stories from those who experience epilepsy and seizures.
Infantile Spasms - Broc's Story
The story of Broc Bartenhagen who was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. A summary of tests performed, treatments and tried therapies, and a forum.
Infantile Spasms and Surgery: Alex's Story
Follow this families fight against epilepsy. Explore how radical brain surgery gave this little boy a second chance at a normal life.
Our Pyridoxine Dependency Story - Epilepsy and Vitamin B6
A genetic disorder which results in seizures and developmental delays. Personal account of a journey from the first seizure to diagnosis in twin boys.
Seizing Control
A mother and daughter use different methods of seizure control for their epilepsy - the Ketogenic Diet and Vagus Nerve Simulation.
Shazza's: Dealing with Dravet Syndrome
A parent of a child with Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy shares her experiences with the condition. Offering activities for the kids, epilepsy events and a laymen's description of Dravet's.
Shelby's Fast Feet
This site exists to educate about and fund research for Dravet Syndrome, and to tell the story of a journey with Dravet.
Vagus Nerve Stimulator
A personal information page on the Vagus Nerve Stimulator.
Walking for epilepsy
Chronicles the journey of Karla Brown as she walks 9000 miles across America to raise awareness of epilepsy.
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