This category is for personal sites of people who have Cerebral Palsy.

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Bill Picard Motivational Speaker
Describes life with cerebral palsy and provides motivational speaking services.
Camryn's Continuing Story
The personal story of Camryn who has cerebral palsy, microcephaly, seizure disorder and cortical vision impairment, all secondary to hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).
Christine Ashby
Christine shares her thoughts on disabled bathrooms and her story of life with cerebral palsy.
Deaf People and Cerebral Palsy reference about people who are deaf and have cerebral palsy.
Greg's Page
Greg, born in 1984, shares his personal story and pictures.
Joyce's Cerebral Palsy Page
The story of James, a child with cerebral palsy. Provides links, information, and tips for making a difference in the lives of children with CP.
Kayla's CP Page
Tells the story of Kayla, a woman with cerebral palsy, and provides informational links.
Living with Cerebral Palsy
Biographical narrative, photographs, link to web log emphasizing disability issues.
Nathalie Menard's Home Page
Presents Nathalie Menard's personal story, describes cerebral palsy, and features Nathalie's ideas on whether or not people with CP can lead normal lives.
Naudikah's Cerebral Palsy Pictures
Naudikah tells her struggle with cerebral palsy including pictures, symptoms, and treatment.
Patrick and Cerebral Palsy
Presents Patrick's personal story about life with cerebral palsy.
Ryan Buckley's Stuff
Photos, stories and more on this special young man living with cerebral palsy.
Presents information about cerebral palsy, living with a disability, and Robert Softley's life.
What is going on with Mikolaj?
Devoted to an 8 years old boy, suffering from cerebral palsy. Therapy method, benefactors and volunteers. One day from Mikolays life and information for parents. Site is in Polish and English.
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