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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Polio
News and information about the global polio eradication efforts, including blog posts, infographics, photos, videos, key partners and online resources.
CDC: Poliomyelitis
Technical information on this disease, its pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis, epidemiology, vaccines, eradication and postpolio syndrome. [PDF]
Global Polio Eradication Initiative
Provides information about poliomyelitis, the global situation, research, news, funding, publications and meetings.
MedlinePlus: Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome
Directory of news, articles, and factsheets.
NaTHNaC:Travellers: Poliomyelitis
Factsheet for world travellers on this vaccine-preventable disease, including its global status and risk.
NHS Choices: Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome
Provides information on this infection. Includes a short video about advances in immunisation and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and prevention.
Patient UK: Polio Immunisation
Factsheet explaining why all children and adults should be immunised against this disease.
Patient UK: Poliomyelitis
Factsheet on this viral disease, its epidemiology, transmission, pathophysiology, presentation, management, complications, prognosis and prevention.
UNICEF: Eradicating Polio
Highlights the efforts for world-wide eradication of polio by UNICEF and its partners.
Whatever Happened to Polio?
The Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History explores polio's history, the science and philanthropy behind the vaccines, experiences of people who contracted polio, and current global efforts at stopping transmission of the virus.
WHO: Poliomyelitis
Source of information on this highly infectious viral disease which mainly affects young children. Includes both general and technical information, news, multimedia and publications.
Wikipedia: Poliomyelitis
Encyclopedia article on this acute viral infectious disease, its cause, transmission, diagnosis, prevention treatment, prognosis and eradication.

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