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AIDS Education in Akatsi/Ghana
Provides documentation of a Youth AIDS Awareness program which took place in 2002 in Akatsi, Ghana, West Africa.
The AIDS Support Organisation
Information about programs and services with/for people affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda; includes a history, and details of their partners, publications, membership, and fundraising.
Web documentary, chats, database of articles with an interactive research assistant and animated epidemic map.
Presents AIDS-related news reports and events from around the country.
Broken Landscapes
An exhibition of photographs about AIDs and HIV in Africa from Christian Aid.
Eldis HIV/AIDS Resource Guide
Resource guide for development, with documents, issues and newsfeeds looking at Uganda, Africa, Asia, India, and Brazil.
Ethiopian AIDS Resource Center
Provides a range of information on HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and tuberculosis (TB).
To prevent AIDS, the Senegalese Troupe Kaani-Gui performs music, dance, and theatre in the back country. Includes clips from the documentary in production.
Ghana AIDS and HIV Commission
Information and support for the people of Ghana on the risks and the dangers of the disease.
Grassroot Soccer
Uses local heros, professional soccer players and to educate at risk youth.
HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
Summary of news, statistics, orphan information and drug availability in Africa. Updated monthly.
Impact of HIV/AIDS on African Families
Story chronicles the lives of three families at a hospital in Malawi as they deal with the impact of HIV/AIDS, including the death of family members due to the disease.
Dedicated to helping children and families living with HIV/AIDS. Features games and real life stories.
Language, Literature and the Discourse of HIV/AIDS in Africa
An international conference on the discourse of HIV/AIDS in Africa held in Gaborone, Botswana, in June 2002. Includes paper abstracts and conference information.
Save Africa from AIDS Project (AfAIDS)
The Ken Wooldridge Ministries in Botswana provide AIDS outreach education. Photos and donation information.
Secure the Future
An initiative in partnership with African nations to find sustainable and relevant solutions for the management of HIV/AIDS in women and children, and provide resources to improve community education and patient support. From Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.
The Stephen Lewis Foundation
Dedicated to fighting AIDS in Africa. Information about the organization, a FAQs, projects, news and links.
Tanzania Commission For AIDS
Coordinates programs for education, prevention and care. Covers their areas of interest and projects.
Text to Change
TTC is a non profit organization devoted to improve HIV/AIDS education in regions in the world that are in need of help, concentrating on sub-Saharan Africa. Find project details, their vision and background information.
Trucaf Africa
A not-for profit organization focused on supporting the issues of children with AIDS in Africa.
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