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American Society of Clinical Oncology
The information provided by ASCO is and aimed towards health professionals.
The Barbados Cancer Society
Dedicated to public education about cancer, as well as promoting prevention measures and efforts at early detection.
Cancer Research Institute
Researching the science of cancer immunology.
Coalition of international cancer organizations with an aim to bring providers together for the good of developed and lesser-developed countries.
Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System
CCRI is a database sponsored by the National Cancer Institute containing data and information on carcinogens, mutagens and tumor promotors.
International Agency for Research on Cancer
The World Health Organization's source for information about cancer. The mission is to coordinate and conduct research on causes and to develop scientific strategies for control.
International Association of Cancer Registries
Portal for links to registries worldwide. Gives information on the activities of the organization including software, publications, guidelines and standards.
International Institute of Anticancer Research
Information about the organization, AntiCancer Research journal, In Vivo journal, Cancer Genomics and Proteomics journal and related international conferences.
International Psycho-Oncology Society
A professional organization concerned with the psychosocial and behavioral dimensions of cancer.
Modena Cancer Registry
Italian entity that collects and presents information concerning tumors diagnosed in the province of Modena.
NCI: Center for Cancer Research
Details about the organization, including a mission statement, press releases, event calendar, research opportunities and a newsletter.
Walker Cancer Research Institute, Inc.
WCRI is dedicated to the discovery of innovative anticancer agents derived from chemical synthesis and natural products and aims to educate the public about early detection of cancer and treatment options. Gives details about the facilities, achievements and how you can help.
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