Sites created by patients, their families, friends, caregivers, or interested others, offering a personal perspective on dealing with the various types of thyroid cancer.

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Death by Lettuce
Inspirational, no, strike that, rants, at least sometimes. The writer, a cancer patient herself, is especially interested in the issues facing young adults with thyroid cancer.
Dude Where's My Thyroid?
Periodic posts, including photos and videos, by a young woman with thyroid cancer.
The Eye of the Storm
Blog of Joanna Isbill, who was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2008, and who writes a column for Dear Thyroid.
Ken Fights Thyroid Cancer
Ken, from Wisconsin, uses this blog to keep friends and family updated. He has been battling thyroid cancer since 1992.
Linda's Thyroid Cancer Page
Personal story, a list of celebrities, resources, and links.
Medullary Thyroid Cancer Diary
A patient's diary about this disease describing their diagnosis, surgery, radiation and subsequent recovery.
Surviving Thyroid Cancer
A young woman details her diagnosis, operation and radiotherapy.
Thyroid Cancer Blog
A thyroid cancer survivor shares his story so that the newly diagnosed will not feel all alone. Also offers a low-traffic discussion forum devoted to thyroid cancer.
Thyroid Cancer Survivor: The Journey
Being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer affected Jennifer, a life coach, in unexpected ways. Through this blog she shares her experience and hopes to encourage others.
Too Much on Our Plait
Like daughter, like mother. Both have thyroid cancer. Daughter Dori was diagnosed first, at age 17. Both women contribute their thoughts to this blog.
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