Starting in early February, 2001 there is a severe outbreak of this disease in Great Britain. Foot and Mouth Disease is also known as Hoof and Mouth Disease. It infects all cloven footed animals such as sheep, goats, cattle, swine, deer, elk, moose, camels, llama, and bison. Horses are not affected. It is highly communicable and can easily be accidently transported by people traveling from infected areas.

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BBC In Depth: Foot and Mouth
A collection of news articles, reports, forums, audio and video. From BBC News. UK.
The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Includes information and maps about the current outbreak, and meeting and disease information.
Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) Life Cycle
Provides a simplified graphic showing replication of the foot and mouth disease virus with an explanation of what is going on.
Foot and Mouth Disease: The Pigsite
Article with information about symptoms, history, control measures, and photographs of lesions.
Foot and Mouth Features
From Sovereignty magazine, produces by Alistair McConnachie.
Foot-and-Mouth Disease
The Institute for Animal Health in the UK provides much technical information on the FMD virus.
Foot-and-Mouth Disease in the United Kingdom 2001; its cause, course, control and consequences
A paper presented at the RBI/EAAP/FAO meeting in Budapest on 23 August 2001, by Lawrence Alderson, Rare Breeds International.
Government of Canada: Foot and Mouth Disease
Includes a factsheet, traveller information, bulletins and disease information for producers and the livestock sector.
History of the Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreaks in Britain 2001
A well documented history of the crisis in the UK, how the virus spread, and the results. Payment required to view site.

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