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Asian Fisheries Society: Fish Health Section
Aims to improve regional knowledge on fish health management and develop awareness among Asian aquaculturists towards establishing a sustainable aquaculture industry.
Diseases in Pond Fishes: The Role of Stress
Article discussing the factors which may affect fish and make them more susceptible to infectious diseases or protozoan parasites.
Effects and Benefits of Fish Vaccination
Fish vaccination has proved to be effective in reducing economic losses caused by mortality and lower growth rates. This fact sheet illustrates how prevention is better than cure and provides a cost-benefit analysis for vaccination.
The Fish Pancreas
Provides a guide to the anatomy, functions and disease of this organ with images of stained sections of diseased tissue.
The Fish Site: Health and Welfare Featured Articles
Provides short articles on a wide range of subjects related to fish health.
Provides diagnosis charts and information on diseases that may affect aquarium fish. Also offers online sales of medications, water conditioners and other products.
Health Situation of Farmed Fish 2005
Provides an overview from the Norwegian National Veterinary Institute on the most important diseases and health issues facing aquaculture. [PDF]
The Kidney
Provides a guide to the anatomy, functions and diseases of this organ with details of several important infections, each illustrated by stained sections of diseased tissue.
Oxygen Depletion and Other Types of Fish Kills
Most fish kills in farm ponds are the result of oxygen depletion. This article outlines how a high level of nutrients in the water can result in an algal bloom, and the factors that may cause a sudden lowering of the oxygen level.
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