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The Amazing Avian Beak Anatomy and Common Disorders
Learn about beaks, their functions, parts, diseases, and disorders.
Avian Biotech: Avian Disease Center
Offers testing for many avian diseases affecting all kinds of birds. Including DNA sexing.
Avian Botulism
Information on this paralytic disease caused by ingestion of a toxin produced by the bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, provided by the USGS National Wildlife Health Center.
Avian Cancer
Discusses the types of tumors that have been diagnosed in pet birds, including those of the skin and internal organs.
Avian Goiter (Thyroid Hyperplasia or Dysplasia)
An enlargement of the thyroid observed in many species of birds, including pigeons, canaries, budgerigars, and wild birds.
Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy
Information on this neurological disease affecting waterbirds, provided by the USGS National Wildlife Health Center.
Correcting Spraddle or Splay Leg in Birds
Describes this condition, its causes, and the importance of early intervention.
CPR for Birds
Discusses cardiopulmonary resuscitation that can save a bird's life in the correct circumstances.
Dealing With Vitamin A Deficiency in Birds
Describes the most common preventable avian disease, hypovitaminosis A, which particularly affects pet birds that eat only seeds.
Diabetes in Birds
Describes this condition, the treatment, and complications.
Evaluating Birdpoop
Monitoring bird droppings can help identify illness in a bird. By Birds n Ways.
Fatty Liver Disease in Cockatiels
Reasons why a parrot develops fatty liver disease and what can be done to prevent it. From Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine.
Gout In Birds
Describes this condition, dietary recommendations, and medications to control it.
Growing Old Gracefully
Article on geriatric birds and their ailments.
Pigeon Canker
Factsheet about this common disease of pigeons caused by a protozoan parasite.
Thyroid Testing in Avian Species
Describes this controversial test, signs of hypothyroidism, and emphasizes the importance of making a careful diagnosis.
Visceral Gout in Birds
Health concern plaguing caged birds, which is brought on by the build up of uric acid.
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