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Anti Stress Center
Stress management, therapy, courses, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
David M. Pierce, C.Ht.
Re-experiencing the soul-state of life between lives, and evaluating the choices people have made over lifetimes of experience.
Greg McHugh C HT
Hypnotherapy, past life regression and healing with transpersonal psychotherapy.
Hypno Place
Dazé Lisenkoff, hypnotherapy by telephone and online, personal, professional and corporate coaching. Tele classes, services, testimonials, and tools.
Medical Hypnotherapy
Responsible uses of hypnosis in a clinical setting. How it can be used to help adults and children with a variety of issues.
Neuro-Semantic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Dennis and Jennifer Chong are specialists in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Neuro-Semantic Programming
Painless Childbirth
This site gives a detailed description on Hypnosis and Painless Childbirth. Testimonials and upcoming classes are included.
Past Life Therapy Center
Reincarnation books, case studies, and past life therapy information for individuals interested in overcoming mental and physical challenges.
Pathfinder Hypnotherapy
Lori Hoff, Washington.
Personal Empowerment Through Hypnotherapy
Empowerment, self improvement, and healing through group workshops. Offers information and a list with dates and locations for 2002.
Reach For Life
Dr. Carol Jones is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Cellular Healing (TM) and Therapeutic Weight-Loss (TM).
Revision Resolve
Denver hypnotherapist and neurolinguistic programming practitioner, Jolee Henry specializes in grief and bereavement counseling, smoking cessation programs, weight management and self esteem issues.
Rising Sun Healing Center
Natural healing through hypnotherapy, reiki, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Burlington, Vermont.
Shamanic Hypnosis
Rev. Betsie Poinsett is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in North Georgia. Specializing in the Indigo Children, Shamanic Ceremony, Past Life Regressions and Healing.
Sound Balance
Provides individualized transpersonal counseling, past life regression therapy, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic therapy (NLP) and energy balancing for both people and animals.
Transformation Technologies
Information about programs in personal development and human potential realization. Based in Alabama.

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