Health Alternative Breathwork
Breathwork covers a range of therapeutic techniques designed to increase an individual's physical and mental well being. These techniques look to improve the awareness of breathing habits, and in some cases attempt to consciously change the way an individual takes in and expels air.

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Authentic Breathing Resources
Offers breathing and breathwork exercises, tips, articles, meditations, research, and workshops for health and self-transformation.
Breath Mastery
Explores the potential and possibilities of breath and breathing, towards self discipline through the teachings of Dan Brulé (Guchu Ram Singh).
Breathe Magazine for Rebirthing and Breathwork
A quarterly print journal that includes articles, descriptions, personal accounts, advertisements, news and opinions.
Breathwork - Australia
A listing of articles and seminar details for heart opening, personal transformation, relationship enhancement, emotional healing, and raising heart intelligence using breathwork and other modalities.
Breathwork Discussion Group
Email discussion group/list on the topic of healing breathwork, especially rebirthing.
Intellect Breathing
Promotes endogenous breathing for preventive maintenance and treatment of many illnesses. Central office in Novosibirsk, Russia.
The Middendorf Breath Institute
The San Francisco based centre provides details of practitioners, teachers and workshops in 'The Experience of Breath'.
Optimal Breathing
Provides research material, programs and products designed to improve lung capacity and general well being.
The Power of BreathWork
Provides information on BreathWork and related subjects.
Seeds of Transformation
Susan Marie Iellamo, Integrative Therapist. Utilizing Transformational Breath, Somato-Respiratory Integration, energy and sound Healing. Northampton, Massachusetts.
The Society for Holistic Breathing
Offers online training in Eastern techniques for natural breathing and preventive maintenance.
Transformations Incorporated
Breathwork school combines conscious breathing with psychotherapy and bioenergetics. Specializes in abuse and women's issues. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Venus Rising Shamanic Breathwork
A highly experiential technique designed to help individuals remember and reconnect with their own inner healer. Linda Star Wolf, founder. Facilitators and counselors list.

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