Practitioners and clinics specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Oriental bodywork in New York.

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Active Acupuncture
Eileen Chen specializes in infertility, pain relief, and immune disorders in her New York City clinic.
Acupuncture for Athletes
Colleen Canyon blends meridian style acupuncture with Western principles of myofascial pain to treat performance injuries in New York City.
Acupuncture for Family
Tatiana V. Gaidarenko practices traditional Chinese medicine in Valhalla, Hawthorne, and Pearl River.
Acupuncture Services of Central NY
Includes acupuncture articles and practice description of acupuncturist and herbalist Joyce Marley in New Hartford.
Advanced Acupuncture Health PC
Elyse Josephs, licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist, combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern biomedical testing.
Albany Acupuncture
Charles Braverman, acupuncturist in Albany.
American Acupuncture Clinic
Licensed acupuncturist Paul Rooney practices Japanese style acupuncture in Rochester.
Arbor Vitae Acupuncture, P.C.
Acupuncturist Margarita Borisova focuses on athletic performance and orthopedic disorders in White Plains, Fresh Meadows, and New York City.
Arya Nielsen
Offers Gua Sha (Guasha) Chinese medicine, pain treatment and acupuncture in New York City.
Chi-Akra Center
Facial acupuncture, rejuvenation, acupressure for the face, herbal therapies in New York City. M.E. Wakefield, founder.
Christian Ostensen, L. Ac.
Clinic of acupuncturist and herbalist located in Greenwich Village. Features information on treatments and consultation plus FAQs and news.
Classical Acupuncture
Dr. Christie Harrington practices acupuncture in Port Jefferson.
Daniel Hsu
Licensed and board certified acupuncturist providing acupuncture and natural herbal medicine treatments.
Dara Barr L.Ac.
Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist practicing in New York City.
Lida Ahmady practices acupuncture, herbs and traditional Chinese medicine in New York City.
East Mountain Acupuncture, PLLC
Ron Hershey is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with clinics in Croton-on-Hudson, and Cold Spring.
Element Natural Healing Arts
Christina Morris and Jeffrey Weidmann offer acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and massage. Brooklyn Heights.
Fifth Avenue Acupuncture & Herbs Center
Dr. Feng Liang is a licensed New York State acupuncturist and certified herbologist specializing in treating anxiety, depression, hypertension, hypothyroidism, menopause and migraines.
Five Seasons Healing
Sharon Yeung is a licensed acupuncturist, certified herbalist and childbirth doula offering traditional Chinese medicine in Union Square, New York City.
Gabriel A. Sher
Acupuncturist and herbalist in New York City.
Harmony Acupuncture
Leyla Saracoglu offers acupuncture and medicinal formulas in New York City.
Jade Acupuncture
Anna Barak and Ralph Roberts practice acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in New York City.
Jason Elias
Licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Includes practitioner information and overview of his New Paltz clinic.
Joan Borden
Offering traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in New York City.
Laura Kauffmann L.Ac.
Licensed acupuncturist and nationally certified herbalist in New York City.
Life Source Acupuncture
Licensed acupuncturist Jennifer Waters specializes in pain relief and women's reproductive health in Syracuse.
Manhattan Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncturist Alida P. van Heerden practices traditional Chinese medicine in New York City.
Melanie Katin, L.Ac.
Licensed acupuncturist, certified Chinese herbalist, multiple sclerosis certified specialist practicing in New York City.
Natural Qi
Melanie Bolyai describes her professional background, areas of specialization, and services offered, with testimonials and newsletter.
New York Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Clinic
Dr. Shaobai Wang practices Western medicine and Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Serving Manhattan and Long Island (Jericho).
Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture
Acupuncturist Anthony Fazio, L.Ac., C.A. describes Chinese medicinal concepts and modalities offered in his Ithaca clinic.
Phyllis M. Shapiro
Practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbology in New York City.
Roberta Roberts Mittman
Utilizes acupuncture, NAET and JMT to treat allergies, addictions, arthritis and weight problems. New York City.
Ruth Rogers
Practices shiatsu and chair massage in New York City.
Scott Suvow
Practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and other Chinese medical arts in New York City.
Susan Krieger, L. Ac.
Nationally board certified acupuncturist and Asian bodywork practitioner in New York City.
Tree of Life Acupuncture Clinic
Mark Moshchinsky provides treatment for pain, infertility and immune system disorders in New York City.
Turning Point Acupuncture
Offers medical qigong with acupuncture, naturopathy, reiki and shiatsu treatments in New York City.
Yunker Acupuncture
Jessica I. Yunker is a licensed acupuncturist and certified herbalist specializing in the treatment of mental health, infertility, migraines, and pain.
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