Shiatsu is a therapeutic Japanese healing modality that has its roots in 5000-year-old Eastern medical massage practices. The theoretical and scientific foundations of shiatsu include pre-medical Eastern philosophies, such as yin/yang and the Five Transformations, and ancient medical texts, such as "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine."

A shiatsu practitioner will apply comfortable pressure and stretching/mobilizing techniques using thumbs, palms, elbows, and knees. Shiatsu is generally practiced on a futon; clients are fully clothed; and no oils or lotions are used. However, auxiliary techniques usually associated with acupuncture, such as moxibustion and fire cups, may be incorporated.

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Japanese Acupuncture & Shiatsu
Contains information from both the modern medical and traditional Oriental perspectives. Includes recommendations, FAQs, fees and hours of operation. Vancouver, Canada.
Kimura Shiatsu Institute
Offers treatment and courses to make one's body healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.
Lotus Oriental Therapies Clinic
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Soho Shiatsu
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Zen Shiatsu Chicago
A community wellness and education center that offers treatments and vocational training, with historical information and details of weekend courses.

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