Speakers at some Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and special events are recorded. AA members use and share these recordings as a way to help themselves and others.

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A Collection of AA Speaker Tapes
Alcoholics Anonymous speakers by free MP3 download or listen online. Also can transfer podcast to ITunes. Each link includes speaker and event details.
XA-Speakers Tapes - Alcoholics Anonymous
Recordings of Twelve Step speakers online or for free download. Includes several hundred AA Alcoholics Anonymous tapes with speaker and event details.
An AA Group Speakers
Recordings of AA speakers by a group in Salt Lake City. List includes details. Free download.
Large collection of AA speakers tapes. Recordings are on YouTube but they are not videos.
Back to Basics - Spiritual Steps
Four CDs interpret the Twelve Steps in the Big Book according to the Back to Basics meetings. Free to listen or download.
Dog on the Roof Group - AA Speakers
Download Alcoholics Anonymous speakers in MP3 format or listen online. Gives speaker and event details.
Downloads & MP3's from Silkworth.net
Free audio downloads from an AA history site. Gives speaker and event.
Freedom Group Speakers MP3
About twenty free recordings of AA speakers by a group in Lompoc, CA. Lists speaker and date.
Melbourne AA Steps Weekend ยป Recordings
Collection of talks from an annual conference in Australia. Free MP3 recordings. Speaker and event details.
Primary Purpose Group of Dallas - AA Speakers
Emphasizes studying the Big Book. Dozens of free speaker recordings to download or listen online. Some (.ram) require Real Audio player.
VicYPAA and AusYPAA Recordings
Speakers and panels from ICYPAA (International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) conventions in Victoria, Australia.
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