This category is for sites about alcoholism itself. Most sites about alcoholism in general belong here. Only very comprehensive, authoritative sites will be listed in the parent category Health/Addictions/Substance Abuse/Alcoholism.
AAFP Article: Alcohol Related Problems
Recognition and intervention information pertaining to alcoholism from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Alcohol and Teen Drinking
Information and resources for further research.
Alcohol: Problems and Solutions
Addresses the issues and problems/solutions of various kinds of alcohol abuse and other health issues, especially as relates to young persons.
The Alcoholism Counseling Service
Free referrals to ACS psychotherapists who are trained in the area of substance abuse.
Provides online self-assessment tools and health-based information to help individuals identify risky drinking patterns or current alcohol problems.
Be Responsible About Drinking, Inc.
Promoting decisions concerning alcohol. Providing information about alcohol poisoning, binge drinking, blood alcohol level meanings. Responsible choices concerning alcohol.
Chronic Effects of Alcohol
The relationship between consumption and deterioration in brain structure and function is described.
The Drinker's Check-up
Questions and answers with positive feedback designed to help you evaluate, understand and adjust your drinking (if you choose to).
How Stuff Works: How Alcohol Works
In-depth impartial graphic tutorial about alcohol examines all the ways in which alcohol affects the human body, including effects on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which influence sexual behavior and urinary excretion.
Mayo Clinic: Alcoholism
Characteristics of alcoholism and links to treatment options.
The Medical Council on Alcoholism
Charity concerned with the education of the medical and allied professions about the effects of alcohol upon health.
Monkey On My Shoulder
A recovery guidebook available as a free download for personal use. It explains how to use a twelve step program in a clear manner without religion.
Recovery Dynamics
Non-profit corporation solely dedicated to the service of alcoholism, substance abuse education, and treatment for the alcoholic. It utilizes the twelve steps and AA.
Recovery LinderWEB
For those who are active alcoholics, or seeking recovery from alcoholism.
Steps by the Big Book
Freely available group workbook companion to the 12 Steps by the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). For those in recovery from alcohol, drugs or other addictions.
Substance Abuse - Alcoholism
An exhaustive index of available online resources.
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