Freeware video or computer strategy or wargames, where the player sees the "big picture": controls many units at once, on a large map, and must coordinate them in order to win, usually by destroying the similar forces of one or more opponents, or by conquering an area of the game map. Often the map must be explored, resources must be controlled, new units must be produced, and new unit types and abilities discovered, acquired, or researched.

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Attal: Lords of Doom
Turn-based strategy game for Linux in which you control bases and manage fighting lords.
Logic game using mines to defeat computer controlled players. Includes client download and instructions with screenshots.
The Battle for Wesnoth
A turn-based game with a fantasy theme. Includes download, project information, FAQs and manual, screenshots, and a forum. (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)
Boa game
A multi-player clone of the worm(6). Includes, server, client, and bot. Source can be compiled for SGI, Linux, Sun or Gnuwin32.
Turn-based empire building strategy game for Windows. (Open Source)
A cross-platform, turn-based, networked strategy game, developed using Python, Pygame and SDL for scenarios set during the American Civil war. [Open Source]
Turn-based Civilization clone written in Java. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
The Colonization II Project
Project to create an alternative sequel to the turn-based strategy game Colonization by Sid Meier.
Crimson Fields
Describes tactical war game for Linux or FreeBSD in the tradition of Battle Isle. Two players command their units on a map of hexagons, trying to defend important locations to destroy all enemy forces. (Open Source)
Crown and Cutlass
A 3D pirate game in the spirit of the old Pirates! game.
Using negotiation and trade, one must resolve a situation involving cultists barricaded in a villa two kilometers away from town. (Windows)
Emperor of the Fading Suns: Hyperion
A patch by Matt Caspermeyer for the turn-based game. Includes download, documentation, tutorials, and a forum.
Multiplayer real-time strategy game inspired by Railroad Tycoon and Railroad Tycoon II. Written in both C++ and Java. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
Single player, 3D, realtime strategy for Windows with up to three computer opponents.
Turn-based strategy game with some strong RPG elements, based on a game by Julian Gollop. Runs under MS-DOS, Windows and Linux by using an Atari emulator. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
Create figures out of single marbles. One-way streets, crumbling walls and portals make the task interesting. (Linux)
Pizza Business
Control pizza restaurants, limited to a budget. Includes downloads and news.
Space strategy game for Windows.
Pocket Civ
Turn-based Civilization clone for Palm OS.
Contains "Santa's Snowy Workshop" available for download. [Windows All]
Scorched Island 3D
Combines tactics from popular game Scorch and elements from RPG games for DOS or Linux.
Marble simulation based on the 80's classic "Marble Madness". You steer a marble through obstacles to finish level on Linux or Windows. [Open source, GPL]

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