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[7.4/10] By Mark Schembri. "It is a well-rounded balance of RPG elements, graphic and sound prowess and, of course, in-your-face action." (September 15, 2003)
GameOver Review
[82%] By Aaron Butler. "I had an absolute blast joining up with friends to fight in huge battles, trying to find a combination of Certification points that finally worked for me..." (July 22, 2003)
The Entertainment Depot
[7/10] By Ryan Newman. "While it's fun now, it could be phenomenal." (July 21, 2003)
[8/10] By Erich Becker. "Once the game is allowed to incubate and more and more players discover the high points, the lows will definitely be outweighed and PlanetSide will have evolved the formula solidified by Tribes 2 more than two years ago." (July 13, 2003)
[7.6/10] "If you want a game that lets you specialize your character, be a part of a huge squad, take over bases and do it all over again, PlanetSide may be for you." (July 08, 2003)
Gamers With Jobs
Review [84%]. "The varied gameplay and persistent world are well worth the monthly fee." (July 02, 2003)
[7/10] Review by Martin Taylor. "But once you've scratched the surface and delved around beneath, that's when you'll realise that a game like PlanetSide needs constant development and a flow of new content to keep it fresh and interesting." With screen shots and system requirements. (July 01, 2003)
By Mike Nelson. "In 1-2 months, the only thing that will keep me playing is if the people I enjoy the game with are still there -- or they end up giving base taking and the war, a point." (June 21, 2003)
[78/100] By Matt Leyendecker. Point/Counterpoint review of PlanetSide. "The good part about this game is that it is fun, looks good, sounds great, and plays exactly like one would expect a game of this magnitude to play, minus the aforementioned technical issues of course." (June 04, 2003) What if EQ and BF1942 got 'intimate'?
[9/10] By "Kropotkin". "This rather hackneyed setting does nonetheless form a good structure for a game that takes a bit of something from a lot of games..." (June 04, 2003)
The Laser
"PlanetSide's emphasis is definitely on action, but the character-building elements, different playable character types and certificate system add a lot of depth to the gameplay." (June 01, 2003)
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