Fan sites dedicated to all aspects of Pokémon; the games, TV shows, toys and cards.

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Articuno's Pokemon Center
Offers news, card game decks, game boy codes, secret pokemon, and pictures.
Billy's Pokemon and Games Pages
Offers pokedex, sound files, an adoption service, and some shockwave games.
Blatoise's Pokemon Center
Offers cheat codes, pictures, movies, and adoption.
Candy's Poké-Sweethearts
Content includes fan fiction, and shrines.
The Cave of Dragonflies
Content includes Pokémon game info, and theories.
Celadon City
Features include an adoption center, and information about cheat codes and the pokemon trading card game.
CoolBird's Poke Place
Information about the gold and silver video games, and the trading card game.
Dark Side Pokemon Headquarters
Offers strategies, cheat codes, glitch information, and a pokédex.
DarthPhoenix's Pokemon Page
Contains tips, tricks, walkthrough, a TM and HM list, and information about the pokemon games.
Includes game information, a picture gallery, fan fiction, and artwork.
Dragonites Secret Lair
FAQ, jokes, quiz, pictures, downloads, contests, information on the pokemon cards.
Flareons Pokemon Center
Includes cheat codes, a pokedex, and information.
Frosterpie's Caterpie Forest
Home to "The Adventures of Icy and Sara" series and a selection of artwork.
Hitmonchan's Knockout Website
Includes pokemon yellow codes, games, pictures, and information.
The Island Café
Content includes fan art, a poll, and game information.
Jeff's Pokemon World
Offering news and polls on trading cards, video games and related television shows.
Jiggy Jack's Home Page
Poll and links.
King Poliwhirl Pokemon Ocean
Walkthrough, sound archives, Poliwhirl's TM/HM list, Pokemon list, message board and Pokechat.
Kyle Online
Information on the games, videos and movies.
LCP'S Pokemon Fun Pages
Pokemon list, cards, and links.
Legendary Pokemon
Pokemon cartoons, images, fan fiction, cheats and information.
Little Togepi's Pokemon Palace
News, codes, and adoption center.
Lt. Surge's Pokemon Gym
Contains tips on Pokemon pinball, TCG, and various downloads as well.
Manda's Pokemon Gym
Pokemon pictures, decks, tips, awards, battles, polls, price guides, cheap cards for sale, information on cards and movie.
Mew and Pikachu's Caveren
Features music, pictures, codes, information, and smash bros.
Mew's Farm
Includes summaries, image gallery, Pokedex, multimedia, lyrics, and general information.
Mew's Psychic Center
Contains cheats, related chat, and basic facts.
Mew`s Lair
Contains trading card information, fan art, game information games and the new pokémon types.
Mewtwo's Island
Downloads, codes and news.
Mewtwos Poké Place
Pictures, news, adoption, downloads, staff, games and affiliates.
Misty's PikaPals
Images, codes, fan art, and links.
Misty's Pokémon Center
Chat, news, contests, pictures, downloads, quiz, episode guide, and game information.
Mt. Squirtle
Video game, and card game cheats and information.
MZ Translations
Offering a variety of information on Pokemon along with Digimon. Includes down loadable files, buttons, and a newsletter.
Nick's Pokemon Page
Cheats, pokedex and pictures.
Nmaster's Pokemon
Cheats, FAQ, and a pokedex.
The Online Pokemon League
Images, general information, games, adoptions and healing.
Pakistani Pokemon. Includes character information and polls.
Content features walkthroughs, hints, cheat codes, item lists, and photo gallery.
Phoenix Trainer's HQ
Contains information about the pokemon games.
Pichu's Mystical Pokemon Gym
Includes pictures, chat room, and message board.
Pika Glow
Animated Pikachu images and local show times listings.
Pikablu's Poke Page
Downloads, images, gifs, Pokedex, and trivia.
Pikachu and Jigglypuff's Pokemon Center
Image gallery, fake Pokemon, game information, fan art and downloads.
Pikachu Forest
Cheats, chat, attacks list, and links.
Pikachu Rocks
Pokemon site containing a battle arena, gym, contests and fan fiction.
Pikachu's Ghost Tower
Codes and cheats, pictures, a Pokédex and a virtual Squirtle to raise.
Pikachu's Page
Pokémon Pikachu picture gallery, game cheats, message boards, and trivia game.
Pikachu's Pokemon Dome
Cheats, downloads, pictures, pokedex and adopt a pokemon.
Pikachu's Pokemon Stadium
New Pokemon, cheats, news, music, pictures, chat, message board, quiz, puzzles and stories.
Pikachu's Rpg
Offering rpg style gaming via AOL Instant Messenger.
Pikachu4:20's Crib
Offering news and reviews of games and the popular trading card game version.
Pikachu989's Pokemon Paridise
Has card information, pictures, tips, and hints for playing the games.
Episode reviews, links, and images.
Poke Planet
Codes, cheats, chat, images and card game information.
Downloads, walkthroughs, pictures, polls, and Gameshark codes.
Pokechu's Realm
Images, club, downloads and links.
Contains rules for an RPG, pictures, fan works, character information, and a message board.
Pokefish's Pokémon Palace
Information on all the games, card game and shows. Cheats, codes, walkthroughs, fan fiction, fan art, adoption center and battle arena.
The Pokefreaks Pokemon Web Site
News and information about the video games, pc games, roms, card games, books, comics, TV shows, movies, pokedex, pictures, screen shots, statistics and downloads.
Walkthroughs, cheat codes, Pokedex, TM/HM lists, cartoon series, card game, interactive and downloads.
Walkthrough of the Pokémon Red/Blue games, characters page, and a Your Pictures section.
PokeManiacs HQ
3D images, links, sounds, information, tips, hints, codes, secrets, chat, animated gifs, help, and contests.
News, episode guide, pictures, downloads, and game information.
Pokemon Beyond
News, downloads, information, and pictures.
Pokemon Card Trading Post
Gameshark codes, cheats, news, release dates, reviews, rumors, chat and downloads.
Pokemon Center Express
Walkthroughs, pokedex, fan fiction, episode guide, quizzes, downloads and adoption center.
Pokemon City
Pictures, previews, reviews, TCG information, news, Pokedex, fan fiction, and adoption agency.
Pokemon Creations
Cheats, pictures, TCG's, movies, Pokedex, and chat.
Pokemon Extreme
Codes, walkthrough, pictures, Pokedex, battles and message board.
The Pokemon GS League Club Site
Message board and links.
Pokemon Island
3D pictures, backgrounds, Gameboy cheats, Gameshark codes, evolution, and links.
Pokemon Mania
Cheats, tips, walkthroughs, and information.
The Pokemon Masters' Temple
Cheats, tips, news, checklist and screensavers.
Pokemon Network
Images, codes, cheats, sound files, card game help and a trading board.
Pokemon Online
Character profiles, a bunch of pictures and images, soundtrack and episode information.
Pokemon Organization
Includes walkthroughs, pokedex, map, codes and secrets, TV show and movie information, reviews, pictures, a chatroom, and battles.
Pokemon Palace
Codes, Pokedex, online comic, art gallery, adoption center, downloads, chat and message boards.
Pokemon Palace
Pictures and game hints.
Pokemon Paradise
Codes, walkthroughs, a map, and an item list.
Pokemon Pics
A complete Pokémon picture archive with galleries for every movie. Also includes episode guides, character information, and games.
Pokemon Place
Codes and information.
Pokemon Power
Pictures, poll, and card game information.
Pokemon Three Turtles
Walkthrough, codes, picture gallery, pokedex, coloring book and pokegods.
The Pokemon Tower
Links, cheats, game reviews, and adoptions.
Pokemon Trainer Station
Offers tips, a starter pokédex, a Kanto map, and a pokémon list.
Pokemon Trivia
Online web-based Pokemon trivia.
Pokemon X
This site has cheats, tips, and walkthroughs on the Pokemon games.
Pokemon Zone
New pokemon, chat and a forum. Downloads for members only.
Pokeperson's Pokesite
Images, sounds, a Mew cheat and links.
The Pokè Gold and Silver Treasure Cove
Includes a walkthrough, a Pokedex of rare Pokemon, fora, and links.
Pokèmon Website
Movie, episode, and manga information. Screen shots. Video game section.
Strategy guide, online games, pictures and polls.
Pokédex, downloads, news and game information.
Pictures, icons, game and movie information.
Pokémon 4 Life
Includes information, media, and links related to the games.
Pokémon Dream
Offering news, game reviews, episode guides, forums, walk throughs, cheat codes, trading card game information, forums, chat room, message board, and related links.
Pokémon Galaxy
Hints, codes, pictures, character biographies, episode guide and links.
Pokémon Galaxy
Downloads, pokémon gold and silver, news, release dates, free clocks, contests, and a pokedex.
Pokémon Gym, The
Includes cheats, battle arena, adoption center, fake screenshots, pictures, Gold FAQ, contests, polls, facts, and tips.
Pokémon Haven, The
Images, game review, Pokedex, downloads and links.
The Pokémon Lab
Codes, TCG, pictures, coloring book, codes, contests, chat and battle rooms, Pokemon Lab 80 and downloads.
Pokémon Man
Downloads, pokemon cards and TM/HM list.
Pokémon Saturn
News, links, Pokemon list, codes, walkthroughs and Pokemon from Saturn.
Pokémon Underground
Pokedex, codes and news. Previews and reviews of upcoming games. Chat and message board.
The PokéReservation
Gold and Silver walkthrough, images, information and news.
Hints, strategies and codes. Card game information.
Prof Oak's Pokemon Lab
Attacks, pokedex, pinball game information, Ask Prof. Oak, and how to draw Pokemon.
Psyaqua Pokemon Zone
Images, rumors, editorials, information on the games and TV show.
Psypoke - The Psychic Pokemon Connection
Content includes message boards, walkthroughs, a pokedex and episode guides.
Raichu and Pikachu's Gym
Contains information about gym leaders and cheat codes.
RareMew's Pokemon Site
Content features cheat codes.
Richie and Chris's Pokemon Center
Content includes information about the trading card game, a picture gallery, and cheat codes.
Shadow City
Includes pictures, cheat codes, and an adoption center.
Shane's Pokemon Domain
Features include content that lists cheat codes, presents information about the game boy games, and a picture gallery.
Tales of a Jigglypuff Army
Analyses the outcome of a team of pokemon comprised entirely of Jigglypuffs.
Thunder Pokemon Page
Features include a pokedex, cheat codes, a picture gallery. Content includes information on all games, legendary pokemon, the trading card game, and an episode guide for the tv series.
Ultimate Pokemon Network
Features information about all the games. Also provides walkthroughs for the games, a pokédex, and attack lists.
Universal Pokèmon League
Features cheat codes, walkthroughs, game tips, a pokedex, an adoption center, and sound files.
Venusaurs Grass Garden
Content includes pokedex, cheat codes, and walkthroughs.
Wraith10's Pokémoncenter
Includes information on all 6 gameboy games, a pokedex, walkthrough, and trainer resource section.
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