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This category is for sites devoted to games which are non-commercial in nature. These would include:
  • Freeware Games
  • Amateur games made with programs such as XNA Game Studio or RPG Maker.
  • Small companies or individuals developing games without sponsorship from a large corporate games studio.

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Disaster Cake
Site about the project Soul Saga from Mike Gale. Contains FAQ, news and media.
Dungeon Craft
A free and open source gaming engine RPG game maker. Screenshots, news, and download.
Fate of Io
Volunteer-based non-profit project aimed at producing a single-player RPG game for the computer. Contributions from a variety of areas is needed, including concept art, character development, music and programming. Features world, characters and story.
Gemstone Dragon
Isometric role-playing game for both the flash player platform and desktop.
Heroes of Loot
Dungeon crawling indie game from Orange Pixel. Contains Dev Log, Media and Guide.
Developer of Knights of the Chalice, a turn-based RPG for Windows, and includes screen shots, downloads, and forums.
Interactivites Ink
Alien Software downloads and sales, including the Neophyte series.
Produced games. portfolio and about
Legend Of Dragons
Freeware 8-bit console style game written with Quick Basic 4.5.
Middle Earth: The Third Age
Development information.
NEO Scavenger
A turn-based survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Runs on PC, Mac, Linux, and browser.
Project Zomboid
A retro-style zombie survival RPG for PC, Mac, and Linux. Describes the current and upcoming features, modding information, and how to purchase.
Psion's Sanctum Sanctorum
A site about the cRPG game Realmz and Divinity (from Fantasoft LLC), as well as about the Sword Lands trilogy of official scenarios for Realmz.
A 3D multiplayer role playing game project based on Ogre3D.
Rendonan Game
2D top-down/platformer style Roleplaying Game, registration required to log in.
Robin of the Wood
Review by Crash. Game produced by Odin Computer Graphics in machine code. [94%]
RPG Reborn
Free multiplayer online RPG inspired by Legends of Kesmai.
A computer role playing game that includes two large adventures, a few smaller ones, a random adventure generator and the RuneSword RPG construction set. Features downloads, screen shots, message board, FAQs and links.
A multiplayer, multiplatform randomly-generated-dungeon exploration game.
Traevaine Entertainment
Work in Progress RPG game Panthera.
Winter Wolves Games
Site of the successful jrpg game producer, Celso Riva. Contains his games, FAQ and news.
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