After his success in Manic Miner, Miner Willy bought a big house and became Jet Set Willy. He held a massive party, and the housekeeper Maria won't let him go to bed until he has collected all the mess.

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Fat Freddy's Cat #5 - The Quirkafleeg
Describes the history of the term "Quirkafleeg" and of the eponymous room.
Jet Set Willy Walkthrough
A QuickTime movie of Jet Set Willy being played from start to finish. Recorded at five times the normal speed.
MDFS Software
Includes a room map, links to game editors and other resources, and the source to a number of patches to the game engine.
Your Spectrum 4 - Jet Set Willy
Includes a review by Sue Denham, screen shots, and a hacker's guide by Andrew Pennell.
Your Spectrum 12 - Hacking Away and QL Affairs
Adds a platform to the First Landing allowing Willy to reach the cross and the hidden object. (March 01, 1985)
Your Spectrum 9 - Frontlines and Hacking Away
POKEs that simplify the Nightmare Room, improve jumping ability, and that automatically collect all the objects in a room on entry. (November 01, 1984)
Your Spectrum 07 - Letters
Spoof letter about what happens if Willy waits on the Bow till 11:45pm, which inspired the route to the Deserted Isle in version II. (September 01, 1984)
Your Spectrum 6 - Jet Set Willy
Many POKEs for the original Jet Set Willy, and a complete list of rooms with their numbers. (August 01, 1984)
Crash 4: Jet Set Willy
A review of the game, describing it as "one of the most addictive and finest Spectrum games", with screenshots. (May 01, 1984)
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