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Reviews, features, cheats, FAQs, strategy guides, discussion forums and news.
8Dimensional - Game Review Index
Aggregates game reviews from various web sources.
News, cheats, original comic, screen shots, videos, downloads, reviews, previews, and release dates for computer and console video games.
Features news, reviews and articles.
Awesome Radical Gaming
Weblog of gaming news and trailers.
Blue's News
Includes news, resources, and forums. Video Games
News and reviews with a Canadian focus.
Classic and Retro games. News, forums, and information on Second Life.
Cosmos Gaming
News, previews, and reviews, as well as features and interviews.
Cram It With Walnuts
Reviews, screen shots, and commentary.
Offers eSports News, competitive gaming communities, movies, forums, ladders and leagues in a European and an Australian section.
Recaps from weekly radio show, with news, reviews, and discussion forums.
News, reviews, previews, cheats, guides, and interviews.
Contains news, previews, reviews and editorials.
DigitalFan Gaming Network
Cheats, reviews, and previews for multiple platforms.
Video games news, previews, reviews and culture.
News, reviews, articles, screen shots, and forums.
Electric Playground Network
News, reviews, previews, features, and downloads.
Consumer reviews.
News, reviews, previews, interviews, screen shots, and discussion forums.
Evil Avatar
News and discussion forums.
Commentary, reviews, and a forum.
Reviews of video and trading card games, as well as news and commentary.
Free Gamer
Focused on free and open source games. News, commentary, and reviews.
The Furnace
Offers news, reviews, case modding, and competitions.
News, reviews, previews, videos.
News and reviews.
Game Central Network
From game technology to the battlefield game series. Cheats, reviews, news, mods.
Game Guru
Game news, reviews, interviews and features.
Game Industry News
Offers news, interviews, and reviews.
Game Informer
Updated daily with videogame news, reviews, previews, and codes.
Game Monkeys
Eschews advertising to provide reviews for console and PC games as well as pen and paper, collectible card games, and anime.
Game News HQ
View the latest game news from dozens of gaming websites all in one place. All sources are updated live 24/7.
Game News Plus
Detailed news on pc, xbox one, playstation 4, wii u and recent information that will guide gamers.
Game Over Online
Contains news, reviews, and cheats.
Game Rankings
Catalogs of reviews.
Game Revolution
Includes downloads, cheats, reviews, and articles.
The Game Sheet Journal
News and stock quotes.
Game Tactics
Offers reviews, articles, and screen shots.
Game Trailers
Collection of new and old video game trailers, teasers, previews, and downloads. Most in both Quicktime and Windows Media format.
Game Zero Magazine
News and reviews.
News, reviews, previews, interviews, release dates, and discussion forums.
Aggregation of Game news, reviews, cheats for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, GameCube, PSP, DS, GBA, PS2, PlayStation 3, and Xbox Plus Free online games
Video game, movie, and culture news, reviews, guides, videos and editorials.
News and reviews on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and other consoles.
Cheats, reviews and faq's
Headlines, reviews, screen shots, and forums.
Social news site for gamers, covering PC and consoles.
GameGuru Mania
News, reviews, cheats, and release dates.
Covers PC and console games, hardware, and industry news. Also offer screen shots and discussion forums.
GameJonez Blog
PC and console gaming news and information.
News and commentary on video games as well as anime, gadgets, and music. Based in the Philippines.
Reviews and news for PC, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2.
News, downloads and information covering Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii.
Gaming news, reviews, features, interviews.
Gamers Game
Video game headlines.
Gamers World Bangladesh Blog
News, articles, and opinions.
Contains reviews, previews, cheats, downloads, movies, screen shots, trainers and news.
News, reviews, cheats, screen shots, and discussion forums.
Games Press
Resource for game journalists. Press releases, public relations details, and screen shots.
Games Radar
News, reviews, previews, tips, and downloads for multiple platforms.
games xtreme
News, cheats, reviews, and previews.
Showcases the worst video games in history.
Provides reviews, previews, articles, cheats, and demos for PC and console games.
News, press releases, and game sales charts.
A video game news and information website that provides up-to-date, professionally edited content such as news, guides, cheats, walkthroughs, editorials, reviews, and culture-related pieces.
Computer and console games news and reviews from the United Kingdom.
News, reviews, previews, screen shots, movies, message boards, FAQs, game guides, and downloads for computer and console video games.
News, reviews, previews, interviews, features, screen shots, and discussion forums.
GamesRadar: Edge Magazine
Official site of the UK magazine. News, reviews, and forums.
Game reviews, previews.
Video game news, information, editorials and reviews website geared towards mobile games.
News, reviews, articles, downloads, and cheats.
Gaming Age
Reviews, previews, and news for PC and console games.
Gaming Steve
Offers a weekly podcast show covering gaming news, reviews, previews, interviews, and trivia contests.
Gaming Target
News, previews, reviews, articles, media files, and release information for all major systems.
Gaming Truth
Weblog offering news, commentary, and reviews.
A video game and geek culture website of news, reviews and articles, with a strong community where girl gamers can connect with other women that game.
Offer headlines, reviews, previews, cheats, and release dates.
Contains recent and retro game reviews.
Video games news, reviews, previews and editorials for all gaming platforms.
Grumpy Old Gamer
Online gaming news, reviews, articles.
The Guardian - Games Blog
Games weblog invites comments. Includes sections for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Gamecube, Handheld and Mobile plus events and game culture.
News, reviews, guides, cheats, fan fiction, screenshots, blogs and forums.
Hooked Gamers
An online Video Games magazine with news, previews, reviews and screen shots.
Includes codes, reviews, previews, features, releases, hardware, contests, and a gamestore for console and PC games.
Impulse Gamer
Articles, contests, and forum.
Indie Impressions
RockLeeSmile provides first impressions of independent PC video games. Tags, search, forums, and contact information.
Indie game new releases, reviews, articles, and shows.
The Jaded Gamer
Features news, reviews, interviews, commentary, and discussion forums.
News, reviews, and commentary,
Jay is Games
Includes reviews, walkthroughs, discussions and game links for browser based and downloadable computer games. Focused on puzzle, point-and-click and escape games.
News, reviews, previews, features, and media.
Kotaku Australia
Blogging games news, gossip, cheats, opinion, design, prediction.
Game reviews, cheats, and chat.
Love to Know Video Games
Open wiki of news, reviews, and cheat codes.
Madmonkey: Independent Game Network
Dedicated to independently created games. Includes downloads, developer forums, documentation, monthly columns, and resources.
Cheats, patches, trailers, and news.
Feed of game reviews for PC and consoles. [RSS]
News, reviews of games and related hardware, cheats and hints, and downloads.
Game data, FAQs, cheats and walkthroughs, guides, reviews, music, and fan works.
The Next Level
Reviews, news, previews, media files, reader reviews, and special articles.
No Fear Gaming
Focuses on first-person shooters, with news, reviews, downloads and forums.
PC Gamer Podcast
A service of PC Gamer Magazine providing weekly audio stories. Contains podcast subscription information, online listening, and topic overviews.
Plain Games
Offers Christian perspective on video games. Downloads, demos, news, and reviews.
News, reviews, cheats, previews, discussion forums, and screen shots.
Features news and videos.
The Review Bats
Reader-submitted reviews. Video Games
UK product reviews contributed unfiltered by consumers. Rankings and "best" are based on consumer reviews.
Rorshac’s Game of the Week
Personal reviews from an industry veteran.
News, reviews, and downloads.
Weblog of reviews, previews, cheats, videos, screen shots and commentary.
Slashdot: Games
User submitted news.
Reviews, news, video game matchmaking service, and discussion forums.
The Stupid Gamer
Coverage of gaming, the gaming industry, and related topics in a blog-style format. The site is also home of the Stupid Gamer Podcast.
Console and PC game news, reviews, previews, and information.
Thunderbolt Games
News and reviews.
Topix - Video games
News on videogames and gaming continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Total 3D
News, reviews, and cheats for console and computer games.
Provides a round up of reviews, previews and gaming articles from around the Internet.
The TPS Report
Reviews and news on video games and pop culture.
User-submitted gaming news and community forums. Covers both PC and console titles.
User-submitted news items. [RSS]
The magazine of the newsgroup. Released approximately every two months in PDF format.
Contains news and reviews including mobile content.
Video games and industry news, updated regularly.
Video Game
News, reviews, previews, articles, podcasts, and downloads.
Video Game Talk
Mainly consisting of review but also offers news and feature coverage.
Video Games Suck
Reader-submitted reviews and news.
Video game news, reviews, cheats, previews, videos, discussion forums, and screen shots.
Offers reviews, previews, screen shots, news, interviews, and discussion forums.
Yet Another Review Site
User-submitted news and reviews.

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