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This section is a list of all known Play-By-Mail companies with website. The country listed in brackets [company name] is the country the company maintains their offices in. While site descriptions should accurately describe what is on the site, please include the genre or subdivision of Play-By-Mail games that the company specializes in.

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Advanced Gaming Enterprises
Offers products covering Fantasy and Science Fiction genres including a mix of human and computer moderated games. Includes gaming issues, links, and industry news [United States].
Flying Buffalo Inc
Offers news on games provided, rules, a winners list, and a FAQ section [United States].
Game Systems, Inc
Features include hints and articles, FAQ section, information on the general concept of play by mail games, and how to register for some of the games that are being offered [United States].
Harlequin Games
evelops and sponsors fantasy turn-based strategic games including Legends, Serim Ral and Exile. Provides information on each game, testimonials, and a portfolio of each fantasy wargame published [United Kingdom].
Madhouse UK
Includes a "ground floor" and "higher floors" section, featuring forums, chat rooms, feedback forms, and gaming information [United Kingdom].
NFLA: An Unofficial Web Site
An unofficial companion to the original league of the award-winning Play By Mail game Gameplan.
Reality Simulations, Inc
Featured games include Duelmasters, Hyborian War, and Forgotten Realms. Offers a brief introduction to the concept of play by mail games, company information, and rules [United States and Australia].
Rolling Thunder Games, Inc
Includes a "what's new" section, company information, and gaming policies [United States].
Shadow Island Games
Provides information on Olympia, a large-scale strategic fantasy simulation. Features a brief introduction to the game, along with turn reports and web archives [United States].
Undying King Games
Includes reviews, news updates, rules, background, and example turns for their play-by-mail games.
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