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A PBeM or Play-by-E-mail, is a game played by electronic mail. Many different games can be played by e-mail. For example, two people could play chess by exchanging their moves through e-mails.

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1914 Alt
Parallel Earth covering diplomacy, economics, military and research. Includes an introduction, FAQ and news.
Blood Royal: A Game of Dynasties and Diplomacy
A game of dynastic inheritance, diplomatic intrigue and medieval warfare. Designed for up to sixty players, with another sixty or more positions played by the computer. Under development.
Civil War OnLine (CWOL)
A military, economic, and political simulation of the American Civil War with both wargaming and roleplaying aspects.
Donal's Diplomacy
Classic Diplomacy game with players from across the European area.
Lords of Gyrne
A strategic play-by-email fantasy game in which players strive to become Emperor by battling for dominance in a medieval fantasy world.
Play by Email Emporium
This site is dedicated to supporting the play of board wargames and especially small wargames via electronic means. Utilities such as Cyberboard, Aide De Camp II, and VMAP are supported.
A private project as an adjunct to the Frontline Wargame Club and to provide scenarios of various modern wargames involving the Red/Soviet/Russian Armies.
Shadow Island Games
Hosts Olympia, The Age of Gods, Singularity, Food Chain and Arena games. Also links to pbem tools and other sites.
System War
Free browser-based game similar to risk, with message board and community.
A Twilight of Empires, Lords of the Earth 13
PBeM strategy game set in Eurasia of 400 AD, from Rome to China, where you are the king. Amazingly, it is human moderated.

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