This category contains web sites pertaining roleplaying games played over IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which are inspired by the Gor books written by John Norman. This may include websites for active or defunct games, game logs, character pages, directories, or other sites specifically devoted to an RPG or RPG's played on IRC. Be careful when submitting sites to this category as some Gor-related sites can be rather explicit. ODP's rules relegate sexually explicit sites (in other words, those with nude pictures or sexually arousing content) to the Adult: category. People seeking links, be forewarned that although a Gor gaming site may be fairly tame on the surface, the game itself probably isn't. IRC RPG's not taking place in a Gor setting should be placed in a more appropriate subcategory of Games: Internet: Chat: IRC: Roleplaying. For games played in AIM/AOL IM or other non-IRC chat forums, please submit to Games: Internet: Chat instead. For roleplaying games not played in chat, find the appropriate subcategory of Games: Roleplaying.

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A gathering place in Port Kar on DALnet for friends and guests. Tavern includes facilities for training.
#Black Tarn Castle
A raider fortress hidden away in the Voltai range, within the walls of Treve on BondageNet.
Gorean Inn set in Torvaldsland, located at the Green Cliffs inlet near the Thassa.
#House of Malkinius
An introduction to this IRC channel on AUSTnet. Includes cultural and philosophical information, along with various personal writings and insights.
#The Mirrored Pool
House of Ven and sela on IRCbondage.
A quiet rest station for weary travellers found in the shadow of the Voltai Mountains. Owned by Ubar Hayal`Seyyal.
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