Game world consisting of the three realms of Fantasy, Science, and Chaos.
Ages of Despair
AoD is a high quality unique world with a rapidly growing playerbase and newbie friendly environment.
An LP MUD set in a fantasy world filled with adventure, intrigue, mythical denizens and romance. A portion of the website is dedicated to many Poems on and from Aldebaran.
The homepage for an unfinished but playable LPMud based in a medieval setting.
Bat Mud
A guide to many of the areas in Bat Mud, a LP MUD based out of Finland. [unofficial]
The official home of a large and old LPMUD based in Finland. Information about the game and the community.
The official homepage of DartMUD. Site features game information, useful links, and a discussion forum.
The Dragon's Den
One of the oldest continuously operating MUDs around. LP-style MUD, running under MudOS and their own Dragon Mudlib.
Elephant MUD
A medieval fantasy MUD based in the UK. The game's history since 1991, presentation of players, guilds, and the Elephant world.
The Eternal Fantasy
A long running MUD with complex development since 1996. The game arcs across multiple Final Fantasy storylines, combining their histories into an amalgamated universe. A Final Fantasy enthusiast’s wet dream.
A level-less and classless fantasy roleplaying game. Features listing of in-game features, news, members, areas and logs.
Player vs Player mud in a war setting. Includes race/class combinations. Informative site with race, class, spell information and maps.
A social, medium size game set in medieval role playing style. Features information on guilds, quests and some maps.
The Lands of Evermore
The homepage for an LPMud roleplaying game, set in an extensively detailed fantasy world. Features maps, history, manuals, meetings, downloads, help files, and resources.
Lost Souls
A small, long-running medieval-fantasy-themed MUD with unusual attention to detail. Site includes a player-editable wiki.
Lost Wishes
The homepage of the Lost Wishes MUD game. Contains sections on novice help, guilds, clans, gods, races, quests areas, general help files and a link to a java based telnet client.
References and guides for the Moongard area of the Tubmud game. Features resources and wizard information.
The homepage of the NannyMUD game. Offers quests, guilds, and clubs. Also contains history, player information, maps, and guides.
The homepage of the Nanvaent MUD game. Includes details of how to connect, FAQs, background information, newbie help pages, links, and pictures taken at some of the frequent player parties.
New Moon
The homepage of the New Moon MUD game. Features background information, guides, photograph gallery, help pages, and players list.
New Worlds Ateraan
The homepage of the New Worlds Ateraan MUD game. Loosely based on the book "Light of the Path."
The homepage of the Nightfall MUD game. Containing information about the game's races, people, land and lore.
Realms of Chaos
A large and detailed world approaching 20,000 rooms in size. Features a newbie guide and information on the guilds and areas.
A game in which players take on the role of a Gifted One, trapped in the six worlds of the Retroverse. Roleplay promoted. Free to play, donations give players an advantage.
Shadowgate MUD
Shadowgate is an LPMud inspired by tabletop gaming, specifically the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.
StickMUD is a traditional LPMud fantasy game set in medieval times.
The Two Towers MUD
A text-based multiplayer adventure set entirely within Tolkien's world of Middle-earth, at the time of 'Lord of the Rings'. Site contains detailed game information and a discussion forum.
Viking MUD
Tolkien-based game including an introduction, news, and photographs.
An LPMud with a levelless system and PK atmosphere and enforced RP. Has its own Theology with several organized religions to choose from.
The homepage of the ZombieMUD game. Includes an extensive newbie guide and information on the skills, guilds and the world.
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