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Software for analyzing, simulating and studying poker.

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DIY Poker Tour
Web-based tool to organize and track a home poker tour. Track who won the most, who is the most consistent player, etc.
The Edge
Database software to track player habits playing online. Demo available.
Shareware poker tools including history analysis, statistics, and playback package. [Mac OS X]
Hand Crawler
A search engine for poker hand history threads.
Software tool to convert PKR hand history files to a format readable by other popular tools. No demo. [Win]
Hold'em Analyzer
Texas Hold'em simulations and analysis. [Win]
IPoker SNG Table Opener
A shareware table-opening tool for Sit & Go Poker tables on the iPoker Network. [Win]
Master Poker Software
Training tool for No-Limit Texas Hold'em. Allows users to play against AI opponents in a virtual poker game.
Shareware tool to convert Merge Network (Carbon Poker, PDC Poker, etc.) hand history files to a format readable by other popular tools. [Win]
Omaha Poker Odds Calculator
A shareware Omaha tracker and odds calculator. [Win]
Poker Base
Statistical program analyzes an individual's Texas Hold'em play at Paradise Poker using hand histories. [Win]
Poker Charts
Web-based application for analyzing long-term poker results, including an opponent tracking diary.
Poker Countdown
Tournament timing software. Displays ante, blinds, and rings bell at end of each round. Screenshots and demo available.
Poker Hand Replays
Creates flash replays of poker hand histories.
Poker Home
A web-based tool for tracking the results of poker sessions via manual entry and displaying the information in a variety of tables and graphs
Poker Office
Software with poker odds calculator and opponent statistics and history.
Poker Pro Labs
Includes products like Poker Pro 2007, Smart Buddy, Table Shark, an Top Shark.
Poker Score
Free poker results-tracking program, offering several ways to examine which online poker sites and games are profitable.
Poker Sharpener
Shareware that provides real time statistics, odds, and player profiles while playing Texas Hold'em online. [Win]
Poker Sleuth
Shareware tool suite for online Texas Hold'em. Includes toolbar, note taking, equity calculator, and hand converter. [Win]
Poker Source
A repository for open-source software dealing with the simulation, analysis and play of poker.
Poker Stat
Statistical database program. [Win]
Poker Stove
A freeware equity evaluator for Texas Hold'em. [Win]
Poker Tournament Toolbar
A free toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox that shows a constant live feed of upcoming tournaments from a number of popular online poker rooms.
Poker Tracker
Shareware statistical program for analyzing Texas Hold'em play using hand histories. [Win]
Convert online poker hands. Each converted hands receives its own permanent web page where others can comment on the hand.
Online community featuring videos of poker being played. Videos from online, TV, and live poker play. Upload videos.
Several utilities to aid table-selection for online poker. [Win]
Texas Calculatem
A real-time poker odds calculator software that calculates odds automatically while playing online poker.
The Tournament Director
Shareware tool to manage a home or commercial poker tournament.
Two Dimes
Calculates odds for a variety of games, including the ability to add dead cards and show odds after the flop.
Universal Hand Replayer
A free tool that replays hand histories in a graphical format with several options for playback, note-taking and exporting.

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