The World Chess Championship
Chronicles the games of the players who have fought for the title of World Chess Champion.
2004 Boylston Chess Club Championship
Weblog covers a player's game experiences.
4NCL - The Four Nations Chess League
Provides news, games, results and fixtures.
Offers a listing with detailed information about various chess tournaments around the world completed with a tournament history and links to chess videos.
Blue King Tournament
Play chess tournaments against hundreds of other players around the world.
British Rapidplay Chess Championships
British Rapidplay Chess Championships to be held in Bradford, England.
Provides event information and news.
Continental Chess Association
Organizes chess tournaments across America, from California to New York.
Czech Open
The world's biggest chess festival, which takes place every summer in Pardubice.
Dutton Chess
Professionally organized, CFC-rated Toronto chess tournaments offering large class prizes, demonstration boards, computer pairings, and individual scorebooks.
Fantasy Chess
Competition based on the FIDE World Chess Championship.
First Saturday Tournament
Held each month in Budapest, Hungary.
Hawick Chess Congress
Annual tournament held in the Scottish Borders, and of Hawick Chess Club.
Jack - Just another chess calendar
An International Chess Calendar. Jack is a self-made chess players service. You can add, modify and delete chess events as tournaments, congress, lessons, and online events.
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
In-depth coverage of the rematch, won by Deep Blue.
Keres Memorial Chess Tournament
Held by the British Columbia Chess Federation, Canada, every year since 1976.
National Open Chess Festival
An annual event held in Las Vegas.
United States Chess League
Official site for the US Chess League. Includes schedule, standings, game scores, and interviews with the players.

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