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It all started with Guy Kawasaki's MacWay email list. The MacWay changed its name to the EvangeList and is the primary source for information about fighting for the Mac. Us Evangelists believe in the Macintosh and will support it in any way we can. The sites listed here will supply you with ammo, reasons why the Mac is better to fight the PC drones. Go and get 'em boys!

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Should Our Schools Have Macs or PCs?
Information written and compiled based on a "PC takeover" in a North Carolina school district. Includes basic Macintosh advocacy information, and a way of refuting technology decisions to switchover schools to the PC platform.
The Mac Night Owl
Receive hints, tips and tricks about Macs, iMacs and iBooks.
The Mac Orphanage
A small, personal web site about Macintosh.
The Mac Reference Article
Information on Macintosh hardware and software and rebuttal against Windows-biased reporters.
Macintosh Facts and Statistics
Interesting facts, statistics and quotes about the superiority of the Macintosh computer.
The Macintosh Revolution
A leader of the iRevolution by discouraging the use of Windows and promoting Apple Computers through a mixture of humor and information. Offers articles, image galleries, chat room, downloads, and 300 ways to kill Bill Gates.
Mac dedicated portal containing tutorials, information and history.
Articles, images, online chat, and links.
News, reviews and more reasons to switch to a Mac.
Mad as hell, switching to Mac
An experiment predicated on the hypothesis that the WinTel platform represents the greatest violation of the basic tenets of information security and has become a national economic security risk.
Most Huge
Facts, graphics, and programming information about the Macintosh.
Reasons why not to go Macintosh
Analysis of the validity of reasons expressed why the Macintosh platform is not chosen in computer buying decisions.
Why Buy a Macintosh?
An individual person's story about how his two-year old daughter and his wife use the Macintosh. Also included are statistics about cost, and advocacy links.
O'Reilly Network: Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
The fear of being locked in by a vendor has pushed some users to embrace all open-source solutions... But is it really an advantage ? (February 04, 2004)
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