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Atom in a Box
Quantum physics tool that displays real-time visualizations of atomic orbitals.
Dogpark Software
Makers of a variety of amateur radio software utilities, ideal for the HAM radio enthusiast.
Genetic Art
A Macintosh drawing program created to teach children about the concepts behind both evolution and genetics.
Grade Machine
Designed by Misty City, this grading program provides teachers a multi-functional grade spreadsheet. Features include e-mail merge to communicate with parents, and filters to create web pages.
Mathematica for Students
Use it as easily as a calculator, but tackle computations only Mathematica can handle. (Wolfram Research)
Miss Lindquist the algebra tutor
An intelligent tutoring agent that is actually able to tutor students to write algebraic expressions for story problems. This system is based on cognitive scientific research and is funded under a National Science Foundation grant.
A Web-based teacher gradebook that saves time, reduces teacher-parent conferences, and improves student performance. Provided via a secure socket connection.
Phillip Roy, Inc.
Programs equip students with the knowledge and skills to set goals for themselves and make better life choices. Their educational materials are written for students of different learning abilities.
Preferred Educational Software
A site that provides one stop shopping for sports and athletic software for coaches and athletic directors.
Queue, Inc.
Software, video and CD-ROMs for history, science and literature.
Sleek Software
TAAS, FCAT, ISAT, and general state test-preparation tutorial and diagnostic software for first grade through high school. Math, Reading, Writing, Algebra, Biology, and Social Studies.
Wolfram Mathematica
Software for modern technical computing.
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