One of the most powerful aspect of modern operating systems like Linux is the ability of programs to call standard libraries. This promotes reuse of pre-written code and leads to less errors and redundancy. This Library Category has links to software with different licenses. You must check the license terms individually before using software.

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the ADFlib Page
A portable C library designed to manage Amiga formatted devices like harddisks and ZIP disks, or dump files of this kind of media via the .ADF format.
CoreLinux++ is both an initiative to normalize methods and conventions for OOA/OOD/C++ development for Linux, as well as a set of Open Source C++ class libraries to support common patterns and exploit the C++ standards.
FAM - SGI's Unix File Alteration Monitor
Home page for SGI's File Alteration Monitor. FAM provides a Unix API and daemon that tells client processes when a file has changed.
GNU C Library
The GNU C library is used as the C library in the GNU system and most newer systems with the Linux kernel.
Asynchronous event notification library. The libevent API provides a mechanism to execute a callback function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor or after a timeout has been reached.
A link library that attempts to diagnose run-time errors that are caused by the wrong use of dynamically allocated memory. Along with providing a configurable log of all dynamic memory operations that occurred during the lifetime of a program, the library performs checking to detect any misuse of dynamically allocated memory.
State Threads Library for Internet Applications
The State Threads is a small application library which provides a foundation for writing fast and highly scalable Internet applications (e.g., web, proxy, mail servers) on UNIX-like platforms. It offers a threading API for structuring a network application as an event-driven state machine.
Sverre's Software for Unix/Linux
shhopt - library for parsing command line options.
ANSI C Freeware under LGPL including AVL and Splay Trees, Sparse Arrays, and Linked Lists. For Linux, Amiga, and *BSD.
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