Articles about groups and companies making the move to Linux.

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Dept. of Homeland Security site switches to Linux from Windows 2000
Dumping Windows for Linux over security concerns? (January 27, 2003)
University of Philippines President Boosts Linux
University president, Dr. Francisco Nemenzo, calls for an institution-wide move from Windows to Linux. (January 22, 2003)
German city drops Windows for Linux
A community of 36,000 in southern Germany, plans to build its entire IT infrastructure on the open source Linux operating system, replacing Windows. (December 17, 2002)
Linux throws down gauntlet to Windows -
The Linux operating system has made impressive gains on corporate servers, but so far has failed to crack the desktop market. (December 16, 2002)
Accounting software Company Sees Linux Demand from Clients Wary of Microsoft
Accounting company sees future for Linux desktops in companies. (September 26, 2002)
Burlington Coat Factory gets deeper into Linux
Out with the old Sequent servers, in with Linux. (September 06, 2002) Linux comes through for New York company after 9/11
The biggest ISO 9001 certified configuration and customization facility in New York City, moves to Linux to handle heavy server load. (August 06, 2002)
New Zealand News: Cheesemaker finds Linux hard to beat
After finding Microsoft couldn't grow with the company, cheesemaker goes Linux. (August 06, 2002) - Linux waddles from obscurity to the big time
From counterculture operating system to OS of the masses. (August 04, 2002)
Open Source alive and well at Navy office
Data collection survey ships run Linux, run faster, run cheaper. (July 17, 2002) Linux Manufacturing a Lead in Asia
Linux is becoming the dominant platform in Asian heavy industry. (July 05, 2002) Enterprise customers now ask for Linux by name
Pitching Linux isn't a tough sell for these companies. (June 14, 2002) Wal-Mart shipping PCs with Lindows preinstalled
When the hardware costs less than the Windows licence, install something else. (June 14, 2002) Technology: Linux goes to the movies
Visual effects giants Dreamworks, Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic go open source. (November 01, 2001)
Linux switch saves Amazon megabucks changes to Linux and reaps savings. (October 31, 2001)
Secretaries Use Linux, Taxpayers Save Millions
Story of Florida towns that uses open source to save taxpayers money, without extra training or Linux experts. (August 13, 2001)
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