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Red Hat, Inc.
Official site; news, support, documentation, whitepapers, downloads, consulting, training, embedded solutions.
Accelerate Your Mac!
Guide to installing under Virtual PC.
Free the Software!
Provides hosting of software projects for Red Hat distributions, such as development tools and GNU projects.
KDE for Red Hat Linux
Project goal: promote use of KDE and KDE-based programs on Red Hat Linux by creating and distributing core and 3rd-party KDE RPM packages.
Packages in Red Hat
Compare the packages in the different versions of Red Hat
Red Hat 9.0 Evo N1015v
Step by Step Installation Guide for Red Hat 9.0 on Compaq Evo N1015v
Red Hat Hardware Certification
A list of all hardware that is certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and previous versions of Red Hat Linux.
Red Hat Linux on a Dell Inspiron 3200
Installation and configuration instructions.
Red Hat Magazine
Red Hat's Online Magazine about Red Hat and Fedora Technologies.
Red Hat Manuals
A list of all Red Hat Manuals.
Using TrueType Fonts with Red Hat Linux
Configuration tutorial for 5.2 and 6.0.
ZIP Drive Configuration in Red Hat Linux 6.0
Step-by-step configuration guide.
Flag of Inconvenience
Article reports Red Hat removing Taiwanese flag from KDE in Red Hat 8.0. [] (October 31, 2002)
To Sell in China, Red Hat Removes Taiwan Flag from KDE
Brief article and discussion on Red Hat decision to remove Taiwanese flag from Red Hat 8; links to screenshots, bug reports, source extracts. [] (October 06, 2002)

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