Gentoo Linux is a special flavor of Linux that is normally custom-built on every machine and thus can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need. This should provide better performance and configurability. Small setup-files, called ebuilds, contain the information about how to build a package. When the user installs the package, it is transferred to the machine, compiled and installed.

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The official pages for the distribution provide documentation, downloads and installation instructions, mailing-lists, forums, performance reviews and news.
A tool that allows to edit ebuild-scripts and check the syntax before trying to build it. Lists features, downloads, documentation and screenshots. No longer actively developed.
Appear - A Gentoo Portage improvement
A frontend written in sh which makes Portage (the Gentoo Linux package manager) more efficient by backgrounding downloads and allowing for automatic prelinking of packages.
CLiki - Lisp and Gentoo
Provides information about supported implementations of the Lisp programming language.
Cool Linux CD
A liveCD based Gentoo that can be used to boot Linux without installing. - Gentoo Ebuilds
Some ebuilds and a small howto about software suspend under Gentoo.
Gentoo Forums
Discussion forums for topics around the distribution, Linux applications, installation, administration, portage, frequently asked questions.
Gentoo Linux on a Lifebook P-2040
Describes the steps that are required for installing on a Fujitsu notebook.
Gentoo Linux PPC install on Apple iBook
Instructions on how to install on an Apple iBook.
Gentoo Linux's Journal
Provides a journal of user-experiences. Managed by Users.
Gentoo Planet
The official weblog aggregator for the project that creates one feed out of many Gentoo Linux developer feeds. Lists all contributors and the latest posts by various developers.
Gentoo Store
Offers Gentoo-related products. Store profits are used to support Gentoo development efforts, server infrastructure and further efforts to establish a not-for-profit entity for Gentoo.
A graphical frontend for portage. Releasenote, changelog, download and screenshots.
Packages at Gentoo Linux
Lists new packages and provides changelogs, displays stable and unstable versions of a package and allows searching for packages by name and description.
The Porthole Portage Frontend
A GTK-based frontend for Portage. Provides a short description, screenshots, downloads and an ebuild for the software.
Ruby-Tk-Merge - rtkmerge
A GUI to the emerge command to handle packages.
Something to try
A Developer blogs about the work on Gentoo and other topics.
Blog about problems with Gentoo's installation and configuration. Other linux tips, too.
Ycarus Gentoo Ebuild
Provides some ebuilds for Gentoo that are not yet in the portage tree.
LXer: Dispelling the myths of Gentoo Linux, an honest review
A long-term Red Hat Linux user has given an honest look at Gentoo, and has concluded that the stereotypes surrounding this distribution are false. (March 22, 2004) Growing with Gentoo
Daniel Robbins, Gentoo's chief architect, spoke to students and professors at Stanford University's Computer Systems Lab. Danny O'Brien reports on his presentation, which focused on lesser known aspects of Gentoo: how it evolved, what problems it had. (March 15, 2004)
Linux Review: Gentoo Linux
A review describing the experience during installation and a summary of strong points and weaknesses. (December 04, 2003)
LWN - The Success of Gentoo
Ladislav Bodnar talks about how Gentoo became one of the most widely used distributions. Describes originality, persistence, packages, documentation, community. (November 19, 2003)
It's Just this Little Chromium Switch Here: Gentoo and FreeBSD: Not for Me
A comparison and critique of Gentoo and FreeBSD. (September 10, 2003)
Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Explains what Gentoo Linux is all about and presents new features in Version 1.4. (October 10, 2002)
LinuxPlanet - Reviews - Distribution Watch: Gentoo Linux
A review of Gentoo Linux 1.1a. (April 15, 2002) - Review of Gentoo Linux 1.0
A review of the distribution. (April 15, 2002)

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