The Fast Light Toolkit is a cross-platform Graphical User Interface (GUI) library written in C++ and can be use on UNIX/Linux, Microsoft Windows(tm), MacOS X(tm), and many other operative systems, it support 3D graphics via OpenGL and built-in GLUT emulation, small and modular enough to be statically linked, and also as a shared library, includes a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) user interface builder called Fluid.[LGPL]

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The Fast Light Toolkit is a cross-platform Graphical User Interface library written in C++. Site includes downloads, documentation, screenshots of widgets, developer information, and discussion forums. [LGPL]
Beginner FLTK Tutorial
A tutorial for those C++ programmers who wish just to start coding FLTK applications.
port of the Nano-X, Microwindows, NXlib and FLTK 1.3.0 libraries to the DOS operating system.
Equinox Desktop Environment
A small graphical desktop environment for UNIX operating systems [GPL, LGPL].
Erco's FLTK Cheat Page
A collection of short example codes of frequent use that can be cut and paste.
A cross platform tool for the Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN) library. It can detect the optimum parameters for an artificial neural network (ANN).
A arcball rotation control.
A combination of OpenCV and FLTK to provide a image processing library with GUI.
Is a FLTK Canvas implementing the Arcball rotation control based on quaternions.
Is a drop in replacement for Fl_Text_Editor and Fl_Text_Display widgets with ability to highlight the text and modify it with embeded Scheme scripting language.
Interconnected widgets for custom data structures that follow a tree of nodes.
The Fl_RichTextDisplay and Fl_RichTextEditor text display and editor widgets that provide hyperlinking, undo capability, underlining, strikethrough ans background color/highlighting.
Fl_RichTextDisplay and Fl_RichTextEditor
A text display and editor widgets more featured than those distributed with the library.
A generic row/column widget to encapsulate rows and columns of any kind of widgets, or even custom widgets that are entirely based on the low level.
A widget that supports VT100 terminal emulation sequences.
A basic image viewer.
A dockable window framework providing of advance customizable toolbar and window with docking, floating and other functionalities.
FLTK Forum
This is the official general discussions about the FLTK library; questions, problems compiling/installing, etc.
FLTK Programs and Widgets
A back propagation neural network class developed to fit the FLTK library, and a contour widget which allow to built 2D and 3D graphs from a regular or scattered set of data.
FLTK Video Tutorials
A collection of flash videos tutorials showing how to develop programs and how use the graphic tool Fluid, which is include into the library distribution.
Flx extensions
A collection of widgets, dialogs, and utility functions for fltk 1.1.x wrapped into a demo.
A data plotting package, handles both curves (2D) and surfaces (3D), including 2D plots styles, such as lines, points, lines with points, error bars and impulses. 3D surfaces are plotted as a colour map. Supports PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and Portable Document Format (PDF) output files. It can be use as standalone program and as C++ classes library.
A meshing tool for academic problems with parametric input and advanced visualization capabilities, integrating a build-in CAD engine and post-processor to generate automatic three dimensional finite element grid.
Gnuplot Widget
A front end widget to embed the command driven interactive function plotting program Gnuplot into your applications.
A generic data visualization tool to display a scrolling graph for a data source on stdin.
Hands on Tutorial
Teach how to build interfaces through inheritance.
A binding of the FLTK widget set to the language Lua.
A visualization program for matrix data. Data is displayed inside the main window as 2D color field and two orthogonal 1D slices can be chosen in additional.
An OpenGL widget library that provides of three dimensional manipulation such as: translating, zooming, rotation, prescribed projections and windowing zoom.
A two dimensional graph widget for FLTK that plots points coordinates and scales automatically to fit the graph in the window.
Parallel Applications
For designing parallel applications with threads.
A Python binding library.
This page contains the Cartesian library for plotting 2D graphs and objects, a widget that allows printing of drawings to printers and postscript files, and a widget for text rotation.
A Ruby binding library.
Simply Powerful Toolkit
An extension of widgets plus an interface to create fast and compact operative system independent ODBC database access.
A simplified spreadsheet to display and manipulate data, also programmable using either builtin compiled macro functions or conventional spreadsheet style programming.
Tcl Bindings for the Fltk Tool kit.
A class library for the composition of graphical interfaces with visualization facilities by bridging disparities between FLTK and VTK event. [GNU, BSD]
W1HKJ Software
A collection of cross-platform applications for digital signals used on the amateur radio bands.
Writing Your First FLTK Program
An introduction based on the first example provided with the FLTK documentation.
Yury Fedorchenko
Small cross platform games.
Yves Usson's Softwares
A set of widgets and a complete scientific calculator.
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