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Action Technologies
Web-based business process management software and business relationship management application for collaborative commerce.
Ascensio System SIA
OnlyOffice is a platform for editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the cloud or enterprise server.
an online education company transforming the Internet into a dynamic web-based teaching and learning environment for colleges, universities and organizations through course delivery.
Calendar and Contacts Server
A standards-compliant server implementing the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols. It provides a shared location on the network allowing multiple users to store and edit calendaring and contact information.
CCF (Collaborative Computing Frameworks)
A suite of software systems, communications protocols, and tools that enable collaborative work for natural sciences research, "collaboratories".
An integrated collaboration and communication platform server. It features e-mail, forums, blogs, wiki, calendaring, virtual file system, multimedia chat and web publishing.
Comp Groupware FAQ
The comp.groupware FAQ file.
Used to schedule specialists within a given project, give clients access to results, and to organize project components.
Web-based project management. FAQ, detailed product information.
Documentum eRoom
eRoom can be combined with Documentum's enterprise content management solutions, or can be deployed as a traditional digital workplace solution. eRoom provides asynchronous and real time capabilities to support distributed project collaboration for internal and external teams. Hosted digital workplace solution available.
tool for the facilitation of collaborative workgroup meetings and conferences
There is also a version which you can run on your own web server.
Instaknow, Inc.
This tool integrates data, provides custom application development, and globalization services. News, FAQ, trial version.
Loadspring Solutions
Offers a sever-based application deployment solution. News, user guide, free download of Windows client, job listings.
Enterprise collaboration and community platform that enables users to connect and remix enterprise systems, social tools and web services.
Noosh Collaborative E-Business
Service facilitates production of communication projects such as print, digital media, packaging, creative services and direct mail.
Personal Data Interchange
Personal Data Interchange (PDI) occurs every time two or more individuals communicate, in either a business or personal context, face-to-face, or across space and time. Such interchanges frequently include the exchange of informal information, such as business cards, telephone numbers, addresses, dates, and times of appointments.
With SunForum you can share a whiteboard and/or multiple applications with others, and seamlessly transfer files and "chat" with co-workers running T.120-based collaborative tools on a TCP/IP network.
Web based team collaboration software for small and medium companies.
Web-based collaboration tool organizing items with a board metaphor.
Free software workalike of Lotus Notes.
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