The RuRu IncrediMail and Digital Art
All original pop art designs for use as IncrediMail stationery.
Amphora Stationery
Collection of original email stationery for Outlook Express. Abstracts, floral, and holidays. General instructions for installation included.
Bailie's Bits
IncrediMail letters in several themes including animals, birds, Australian, Christmas, music, and flowers. Personalized letters and signature tags available for a fee.
The Bearz Cave
Stationery, links, tutorials and goodies relating to PaintShopPro, BladePro and making stationery.
Carol's Creations
Stationery for Outlook Express in zipped format. Categories include stained glass, holidays, and cutouts.
CatMar Design
Stationery for Outlook Express in animal, floral, holiday, and special occasions categories, some with scripts and music.
Chez Martine
IncrediMail and WikMail letters in English and French. Many categories including animals, seasonal, holiday, and sentiments.
CloudEight Stationery
Over 950 designs in various themes offered as self-installing files. Many artists' works are featured.
Collection provided in .imf and .eml formats, all with matching tags. Personalization available for a small fee. Many categories including a large selection of military themes.
Stationery for IncrediMail, Outlook Express and Windows Mail in over 20 categories. Also offered are IncrediMail skins and desktop wallpapers.
Hushport Administration
Original letter designs for use with the IncrediMail program. Weekly updates.
IncrediMail 4 You IncrediMail Stationery
Collection of IncrediMail stationery including animals, Australia, birds, flowers, and occasions.
LongBraid Designs
IncrediMail letters in over 100 categories, some animated. There is also a members only selection as well as personalized and custom made stationery for a fee.
Mary Lee Designs
Musical Outlook Express stationery for download in .html and .eml formats. Many categories including angels, fantasy, scenic, floral, and entertainment.
Mary Lou's Stationery
Mostly romantic designs, offered in .zip format.
Pam's Stationery
Free scrolling Outlook Express email stationery featuring the artwork of several artists.
SonyaNancy's Incredimail
Free IncrediMail letter and E-card backgrounds, including seasons, occastions, holidays, romance, angels, friends, and children.
Val's Stationery Creations
IncrediMail and Outlook Express Stationery in 36 categories provided in zip, exe, eml, and imf formats. OE versions have a variety of effects including scrolling and tables. Also offered are blinkies and tags.
Varian's Dreamview DreamStationery
Original stationery for Outlook Express. Many border designs and abstracts. Zip file includes stationery scripting.
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