A popular vi clone by Bram Moolenaar with many extra features.

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Official site of the popular vi clone. Includes project news, documentation, versions information, and downloads.
Best of Vim
Blog listing top plugins and providing tips and tutorials.
Best of VIM Tips
Essential gVim's commands and tips by David Rayner.
The Clewn project
Implementation of full gdb support in the vim editor.
Cream is a configuration tool of the text editor for both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.
Dominique Vim Resources
Syntax files and vim tools for Windows platforms.
Dr Chip's Vim Page
Contains C and Vim code which helps editing with the vim editor, including hints generation, text alignment, color schemes, network read/write, and spell checking. [Archive.org version]
Efficient Editing with Vim
Article by Jonathan McPherson providing introduction to basic editing with Vim. [archive.org version]
Intellisense for Vim
This site provides intellisense (Code Insight, Autocompletion) features for Vim.
Reddit: Vim
The Vim section on Reddit contains discussion, technical support and links to plugins and tutorials.
Seven Habits of Effective Text Editing
Guidelines and hints for editing plain text more quickly and with fewer mistakes by Bram Moolenaar.
TVO: The Vim Outliner
TVO turns Vim into a full-featured text outliner. It has a menu, key mappings and a toolbar that mimic Microsoft Word's outline support. Included are scripts that produce HTML, Perl POD, and RTF.
Blog containing tutorials and advice on using Vim plugins.
Vim and LaTeX
Environment providing a comprehensive set of tools to view, edit and compile LaTeX documents using Vim.
Vim as XML Editor
Help on how to best use Vim to edit XML documents.
Vim Awesome
A categorised, user-submitted directory of Vim plugins.
The Vim commands cheat sheet
A list of the most often used keys and commands in Vim. The cheat sheet covers tasks such as inserting and deleting text, searching and replacing, and editing blocks of text.
Vim Cookbook
Short recipes for doing many simple and not so simple things in Vim. You should already know the basics of Vim, although each command is explained in detail.
Vim Macro Page
Lots of Vim macros.
Vim Quick Reference
Nicely formatted for printing single page quick reference sheet in eight languages.
Vim Tips Wiki
A place where users of the Vim editor can add their favorite commands, macros and other assorted tips to a common database.
Manuals, FAQs and links to tutorials for Vim users.
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