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Connecticut's Biometric Imaging Project
Provides a journal, information and links. For Connecticut's purposes, biometric imaging will mean taking a scan of an individuals two index fingers for purposes of multiple case fraud detection.
Biometric Consortium: Research and Databases
Directory of links to various to kinds of identification methods.
The Biometrics Discussion Group
Discussion list for anyone interested in the technology.
Biometrics References
Biometric Consortium
Ed Germans AFIS Links page
(AFIS - Automated Fingerprint Identification)
Resource for Biometric technologies and applications. Articles, reports, vendor directory and daily press releases.
Fingerprint Classification by Directional Image Partitioning
Raffaele Cappelli, Alessandra Lumini, Dario Maio, Member, IEEE, and Davide Maltoni (Trans. PAMI, Abstract)
Fingerprint Enhancement by Shape Adaptation of Scale-Space Operators with Automatic Scale-Selection
Andrés Almansa and Tony Lindeberg Technical Report TRITA-NA/P--98/03--SE.
The Importance of Benchmarking
(Fingerprint identification)
Iris recognition
Webpage of John Daugman, Cambridge University (UK) teacher and researcher in computer vision, neuroscience, and pattern recognition; inventor of iris recognition.
An Open Interstate Matching Specification
This document describes a standard data format for the interchange of client fingerprint and facial information between dissimilar human services assistance programs. The Managing Double Dipping (MaDD) specification is a tag-based file format for storing and interchanging data and images and is compliant with the ANSI/NIST standard for fingerprint exchange. (Sagem Morpho Incorp.)
Review and evaluation of Biometric Techniques
INFOSEC (EU), ETS: Preparatory Studies
Speaker Identification by Lip Reading
By Juergen Luettin, Neil Thacker and Steve Beet. Paper describing a new approach to speaker identification based on lipreading. [PDF]
TMA Associates (CA)
Provides publications and consulting in speech recognition and other advanced speech technologies, including speech recognition newsletter. Includes recent news. Also publishes market studies.
YOHO CD-ROM Voice Verification Corpus
A standard database for testing voice verification systems (Biometric Consortium).
INS Passenger Accelerated Service System (INSPASS)
About the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service's possible future use of biometric technologies in identifying incoming passengers. (January 04, 1996)
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