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.NET from India
A weblog focusing on .NET, other Microsoft technologies and things related to India.
Community resource site for developers of free software; news and blog.
Bob DuCharme's weblog, focusing on metadata, XML technology, and the semantic web.
Chad Stewart: Game Programmer
General programming advice from a game programmer's viewpoint.
XML, .NET, design patterns, software architecture and development. Written by a MSDN Regional Director.
Notes on programming from Coté, via podcast.
Daemon Dancing in the Dark
Weblog focused on FreeBSD
Damien Katz
Weblog of a programmer.
Engineering the Web
Programming tips focused on web standards, by a group of custom programmers.
A technology blog about web development tips, java, open source tools and books recommendation.
Geek Noise
Peter Provost's weblog dedicated to programming, Microsoft, .NET and other technology subjects.
Geek Style
Unix and network techie news and commentary.
Software Development news, FAQ, downloads, links and reviews.
HAHAHAHA(HAx4)'s Limerick
Technology, life, and other words that piled up.
Mostly technology and business-centric writing from Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Indefinite Articles
Articles on technology, politics, law, and philosophy.
John Lam's weblog on software development.
Joel on Software
A weblog by Joel Spolsky, a programmer working in New York City, about software and software companies.
Karim VaesNote
Technical notes, primarily on Ubuntu, Drupal, content management, and security.
Lynch Consulting Blog
Technical tips, especially for ColdFusion and Linux/Ubuntu.
Blog for software development managers
Orange Slate
Tips from a programmer in South India. Partial focus on Spring and database programming.
Development tips with a partial focus on Ruby.
Piter's Home Page
.NET programming tips, C# sample code.
Ramakrishna's Blog
Technical tips, mainly about programming and Microsoft technologies. [Atom]
Rants and Apps
Programming commentary from an iPhone app developer's perspective.
The Regenerate Web
Ramblings on software product development.
Ryan Dewsbury
Programming notes from a software developer in Toronto, especially about the development of AJAX-based games.
Smart Software
Software developer Wesner Moise's musings on .NET, technology, entrepreneurship and Microsoft.
Software by Rob
Advice on how to be a successful programmer, especially in a start-up.
Tales from the Red Shed
Weblog of independent developer Jonathon Rentzch.
Thinking Parallel
A weblog about parallel / concurrent programming.
The Wandering Glitch 2
Programming and other topics, sometimes from a theoretical approach.

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