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The AOP Report Card
AOP training and tool support are key issues for future growth. Dr. Dobb's.
The Case for Aspects
AOP can finally advance beyond code-level constructs to realize true cross-cutting visibility for models. It’s taken 25 years, but now programming is on the cusp of a powerful new paradigm linking aspects and use cases. Dr. Dobb's.
Common Misconceptions
Whether focused on AOP generality, utility, or functionality, one may encounter some false concepts that get in the way. Dr. Dobb's.
Double Decker
Two new books explore what it's like to build enterprise applications with aspects and offer a methodology to design AOP-implemented systems. Dr. Dobb's.
It's Not Metaprogramming
AOP was a move away from explicit metaprogramming to a direct semantics for coding crosscutting concerns. But metaprogramming can still be useful, if kept under control. Dr. Dobb's.
The Key to AOP
History shows that to be widely adopted, new programming paradigms must be expressive, efficient, intuitive, compatible, with good tool support. Dr. Dobb's.
The New Modularity
Aspects open up new possibilities for previously locked-down parts of platforms. Dr. Dobb's.
Once More, From the Top
What is AOP? How is it used? The basics are worth repeating, as are the realities that counter persistent misconceptions. Dr. Dobb's.
Palpable Progress
From the podium to the hallways, the 3rd annual Aspect-Oriented Software Development Conference, Lancaster, England, was filled with the energy of commercial adopters. Dr. Dobb's.
Show Me the Structure
AOP is about crosscutting structure. Grasp that, and it's clear what direction AOP tools must follow. Dr. Dobb's.
Testing the Waters
With new tools emerging, and buzz rising, it's time to start working with AOP; a plan to do so, in 4 simple steps. Dr. Dobb's.
Thinking Aspects
The biggest impact has begun: like object-oriented programming before it, AOP is changing the way to think about elements of software systems. Dr. Dobb's.
I Want My AOP
Series of 3 articles, with code samples, on how Aspect-Oriented Programming helps separate concerns and improves maintainability and flexibility. JavaWorld. (January 18, 2002)
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