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Planet Source Code
Thousands of lines of Visual Basic, vbscript, java, javascript and active server pages code.
Hundreds of snippets and downloads in all categories including games, databases, ActiveX, API, and ASP. Submit your own code and win prizes.
Arcata Pet
Collection of code samples coded by Don Bradner, including writing to and reading from the registry. (VB 3,4, and 5)
Code for the most experienced programmer. Contains a lot of code from DevX and VBPJ.
Code is categorized by name and type. Includes a section on Shell commands.
The Coding Box
Includes Space Invaders and a Netbus clone.
Developer Workshop - Source Code Depot
Several functions including how to convert numbers between bases, check to see if a year is a leap year, and how to create threads.
Dr. X
Included here are ActiveX, menu, forms, mouse controls, graphics and multimedia examples.
Dutch's Software
Includes getting file names, long file names, parsing strings, getting Windows and system directories, and passing a control array.
Focus on Visual Basic
This site contains various code samples including how to write 3D graphics applications in Visual Basic and DirectX.
All code is tested before being posted.
Hello World
The standard "Hello World" application for beginners.
Lurch's Visual Basic Site
Sample code for manipulating AOL. Also has other interesting API calls.
Merrion Computing Ltd
Code and articles for all levels of programming knowledge.
Namespace Edanmo
VB.NET classes and libraries (all with source code included) for WinForms and ASP.Net.
Nigels Page Of Half-Finished VB Programs
Source code examples and half finished programs. Some are in quite early development, and some are to a useable state.
Scott's Sample Code
This site contains lots of sample code for Visual Basic. The code samples cover different areas and include a class which calculates sunrise and sunset.
One of the most complete VB resources on the net. Source code for almost every want or desire.
TheScarms Visual Basic Code Library
Provides solutions to many hard to solve programming issues. Many solutions rely heavily on the Microsoft Windows API functions.
VB Games 6
Visual Basic games and projects.
VB Helper
Examples, tips and tricks, free downloads, algorithms, and free ActiveX Controls. Also has some book reviews.
VB RAD Home Page
Advanced source code. There is a small number of beginner examples also.
Tips and tricks, source code, freeware ActiveX and OCX controls, links to other programming sites, and a discussion group.
Vipin Shetty
Code includes how to see text in a password box, an email and newsgroup reader, desktop shortcuts, counting words in a textbox, and encryption.
Visual Basic Code
Free code. Copy and paste code from your browser directly into Visual Basic.
Visual Basic Code Source
A website with various source code and resources for Visual Basic and Visual Basic.Net.
WolfeByte Solutions
Visual Basic Source Code for making Calendar, Clock, Slider, Scheduler and Command Button controls by using only a Picturebox. The Button control is free and provides an example of how these controls are made. All of the VB Source Code for these components is compatible with VB3, VB4, VB5 and VB6. [Free and commercial]
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