This category holds articles, papers, and reviews of the Python language, in the online press and by independent authors.

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Charming Python
Column by David Mertz, Gnosis Software, Inc. Over 20 articles on Python programming, many topics.
Developing GNOME Application with Python
Set of articles written for beginners in Gnome programming and GNU/Linux.
An Interview with Guido van Rossum
Python creator discusses features and future of the language. O'Reilly Media.
Mark Lutz's Python Advocacy Page
Links to several old Python articles and reviews.
Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs)
Design documents providing information to the Python community, or describing a new feature for Python.
Python Programming Language
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
Python Squeezes the Web
A practical example of using Python to automate the crawl of web pages.
SOA and Web Services
Several articles related to the development of web services with Python, written by Mike Olson and Uche Ogbuji, 2001-2004. IBM developerWorks.
Interview of Guido van Rossum
Interview of the BDFL by the visitors of a French Linux news portal (the English version is included). (March 12, 2003)
A Conversation with Guido van Rossum
Python creator talks with Bill Venners about topics relevant to Python and its community; 6 part series, Artima Software. (February 17, 2003)
Proper XML Output in Python
Uche Ogbuji explores the intricacies of creating proper XML output in Python, including character set and encoding issues. (November 13, 2002)
Python Persistence Management
Using serialization to store Python objects. (November 01, 2002)
A Tour of 4Suite
In this installment of Python and XML, Uche Ogbuji provides a tour of the core XML processing facilities of 4Suite. (October 16, 2002)
Make Python Run as Fast as C with Psyco
Using psyco, the python specializing compiler. (October 01, 2002)
Simplified Exception Identification in Python
Using functions and exception pattern dictionaries to simplify error recovery. (July 28, 2002)
Pick Up Some Python with This Script Walk-through
An example conversion of a Perl script to Python. (June 18, 2002)
Space Shuttle Engineers Use Python to Streamline Mission Design
Description of a practical use of Python by NASA, with quotes of Robin Friedrich, USA's Senior Project Engineer. (June 17, 2002)
Python: Yes, You Should Be Using It!
Alex Martelli gives an overview of the possibilities offered by Python, along with samples allowing the newcomer to experience Python code. [Free registration required to view this article.] (April 01, 2002)
Using Mix-ins with Python
An explanation of the mix-in programming style as applied in Python. (April 01, 2001)
Embedding Python in Multi-Threaded C/C++ Applications
A Linux Magazine article featuring an overview of the C/C++ API, explaining how to extend and embed Python in a multi-thread context. (May 01, 2000)
Why Python?
Article by Eric Raymond where he explains reasons that led him to switch from Perl to Python. (May 01, 2000)
Linux Journal Python Interview
An Interview with Guido van Rossum. A conversation with the creator of Python about an effort to teach Python to non-computer science students. (September 28, 1999)
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