phpBB is an open source, free forum software package that operates on PHP 3 or later and several major types of database software including MySQL, MicroSoft SQL, and Postgres SQL. It uses a custom skinning system to provide multiple layout options. There is a large community of phpBB users that create scripts to add or modify features to the software.

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Official site, offering news, support, and downloads of the forum software, modifications, and templates.
AJ Quick - Random Text
Offers modifications and site integration tutorial.
area51 @
Home to development of phpBB Group products including phpBB and phpBB Portal. Future phpBB features and CVS releases.
Awesome Styles
Directory offering more than 700 free phpBB3 styles.
ModphpBB3 Community Forum
Premodified version of phpBB that also offers support, styles and games.
PHP script that enables webmasters to host multiple phpBB forums on one domain.
phpBB Smith
Includes utilities, tutorials, development and downloads of phpBB 2 and 3 administration, anti spam, site experience, shop, and new feature scripts, plus a template.
PhpBB Spam Control
Guide for phpBB forum owners to stop spam and other abuse.
Offers news, upgrade tutorials, and downloads of converters, images, templates, and modifications. Also offers phpBB Plus pre-modified software.
PhpBB3 BBCode
PhpBB support site about BBCode with mods, tips and how-to guides.
phpBB3 Styles
Styles, themes, templates, and skins for phpBB3.
Styles, themes, templates, skins for the phpBB3 forum software. Includes online demo to show styles in action.
Offers a searchable directory of downloads, including hacks, modifications, templates, graphics, and related downloads for phpBB 1 and 2. Also offers utilities, web hosting, and support forums.
TechRepublic: Features of phpBB discussion server
Includes a review of the software focused on the features and additional content available from the official site. (November 20, 2003)

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