Standardized, commonly accepted or adopted code styles, naming conventions and good practices such the good use of the global namespace and the like.

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Principles of writing consistent, idiomatic JavaScript.
Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide
A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript.
Aloha Editor Guides
Style guide for the development of the Aloha Editor.
ASP.NET: Ajax Library: Introduction and Scope
Standards intended to be used for software written in JavaScript using the Ajax Control Toolkit.
BBC - Future Media Standards & Guidelines
JavaScript standards for website.
Coding Style - Developer Guide
Explains the basic styles and patterns that are used in the Mozilla codebase.
Douglas Crockford's: JavaScript
Code conventions for the JavaScript programming language.
Drupal Community Documentation
JavaScript coding standards.
Felix's Node.js Style Guide
Guide for writing consistent and aesthetically pleasing node.js code.
Google code: gmaps-utility-library-dev
Coding conventions committed to the release project.
JavaScript Style Guide
Short list of conventions and recommendations.
JMU Computer Science Course Information
ECMAScript/JavaScript style guide.
jQuery Foundation
JavaScript style guide.
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
Explore applying both classical and modern design patterns.
MediaWiki: Manual: Coding Conventions JavaScript
Describes the coding conventions for JavaScript files of the MediaWiki codebase.
Melange - SoC
Style guide for JavaScript code contributed to Melange.
Node.js: Style and structure
Node specifics personal comments by Caolan McMahon.
Popular Coding Convention on Github
Analyses Github commits to know which convention is popular.
ROS JavaScript Style Guide
Defines a style guide to be followed in writing JavaScript code for ROS.
Semicolons in JavaScript are optional
Mislav Marohnić comments on semicolons.
Makes a consensus based on six style guides.
JavaScript MVC style guide.
SproutCore Guides
Described based on years of experience from SproutCore developers in writing understandable and maintainable code.
The TreeLogic JavaScript Coding Standard
Oriented towards application developers. [GNU, by Chris M. Balz]
JavaScript Style Guide.
Vimeo: JavaScript Style Guide
Video on JavaScript style guide based on Airbnb's.
WordPress › JavaScript Coding Standards
Handbook JavaScript coding standards.
Writing Modular JavaScript With AMD, CommonJS & ES Harmony
Using modern synchronous and asynchronous formats.
A meta style guide for JavaScript. (July 30, 2013)
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