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Java Security
News, software, documentation, specifications, FAQs about Java security, by Sun.
CertGear - Java Security Practice Tests / Quizzes
Java security practice tests and quizzes for Java, EJB, and Web security.
Java Security Hotlist
List with commentary and searchable index of Java security resources, from the authors of the book "Securing Java". By Gary McGraw and Edward Felten.
Java Security: Web Browsers and Beyond
Paper published in 1998 by Drew Dean, Edward Felten, Dan Wallach, and Dirk Balfanz. [Postscript format].
JChains Java Security Policy Generator
Allows security auditors to record and optimize permissions needed by Java applications.
O'Reilly - Java And Security
Article that examines various Java security services, including Java Security Manager, Security Provider Architecture, and Authentication components.
Sun Microsystems - Tutorials on Security in Java 2 SDK
Tutorials on Java 2 Security features, including access control, digital signatures, and cryptography. Discovering a Java Application's Security Requirements
Mark Petrovic shows how to use a development-time SecurityManager that logs applications' calls and builds a suitable Java security policy file. (January 03, 2007)
Simplify enterprise Java authentication with single sign-on
Article examining how to implement Java Single Sign-On based architecture and functionality using the GSS-API and Kerberos tickets. (September 09, 2003)
Secure your Java apps from end to end
Javaworld article by Todd Sundsted that examines the foundation of Java security, including virtual machine and byte code security. (June 15, 2001)
Build secure network applications with SSL and the JSSE API
Javaworld article by Todd Sundsted that explains how to use JSSE and SSL for securing communication channels between Java applications. (May 11, 2001)
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